Castelle or FaxPress guru needed urgently!

Please read this description in it's entirety before bidding!!!!

I am posting this project on behalf of one of my clients. Here is the summarization of what is needed:

The client recently purchased a Castelle FP2500 fax server to use in conjunction with their existing billing and order entry system. The code geeks who wrote the billing software have also written a 3rd party API to use specifically with the Faxpress fax server software that is provided with the device.

I have got the fax device working fine, on the server (machine) that it is installed on (meaning, where the server software is installed). I can send out faxes with no problems whatsoever. However, when the local machines try to communicate with the sever, and use Faxpress to send faxes outbound, it does not work.

The billing software that they use basically works like this:

- an order is created

- the employee can then output the order (in PDF format - that part works correctly) to either a) e-mail or b) fax (this is where Faxpress comes in)

- when the user sends the order to "fax", it is supposed to route to the server, then go out via the Faxpress software, and to the customer. This is where it fails.

Given that this device and software are new to me, I'm at my wit's end here. The instruction manual is a 500+ page PDF, and so far I have not seen anything in it that is helpful. The billing software gurus say that the problem is with Castelle and/or Faxpress. Castelle says that their device is working properly, so the problem is with the API. (This is remarkably familiar to the typical Microsoft response I'm sure some of you have had's not "our" problem, "Windows works, so call someone else"...etc)

Anyway, I know enough about this to know that I don't know what to do next. I need your help.

I am looking for a freelancer that has experience with Faxpress or Castelle products. I am not interested in API experience, because I believe that the API is good, and the problem is just getting the two to "meet in the middle", so to speak.

I don't care how much experience with Castelle or Faxpress you have...if you can fix this, you will win this project. Period. If more than one person qualifies, the lowest bidder and/or quickest "fix" time will win, so keep that in mind when bidding.

I will be billing the client as usual for my services, and this project is part of that. This means that I will be paying you for your expertise, and then will bill the client later, but ultimately this comes out of my pocket first, so please keep that in mind when bidding!

BIDDERS: please do not send me examples of portfolios, or tell me of your "extensive experience". I will ignore these bids entirely, as those types of bids show that you are "blanket-bidding" and have not read this description.

ALL I NEED is someone who knows how to fix this. Given the headache that this has caused me, I imagine I will have more work for you down the road.

CAVEAT: due to the security I have in place for the client environment, you will not have direct access to the server. However, I use RDP to connect remotely and do whatever work I need done, and will provide as many screenshots, and answer as many questions as necessary in order for you to figure this out. I am HIGHLY technical, and fully understand geek-speak, so there will be no communications problems on my end. I need someone who speaks English fluently (and clearly if I need to actually speak to you), but your nationality is not of primary concern.

I would prefer a US-based freelancer, as I prefer to keep US jobs in the US. However, I will take what I can get at this point. This project needs to be completed if possible within the next 10 days. The client has already waited over a month for me to try and fix this, and is running out of patience.


- Castelle and/or Faxpress experience (not just "I've heard of it". ...I need someone who has used it, set it up and/or configured it before - no exceptions!)

- English speaker (fluent, not broken, barely-understandable English)

- MUST be a quick responder! I do not want to wait 24 hours to get a response each time I e-mail you a screenshot or answer a question. If you can't provide timely service, do not bid.

- prefers e-mail or IM for communication on this project

- must be able to complete within 10 days or reasonable time frame (the faster, the better!)

- is willing to accept great feedback and return the same

Thank you for reading this project. When bidding or posting PM's, please use the phrase "Blackberry" somewhere in your response, so I know you have read this. Any responses without that word in the response will be ignored!

I've attached a handful of screenshots of the error messages, the Faxpress configuration, and also the API module settings.

Skills: System Admin, Training, Windows Desktop

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