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C#: Auto-Fill Web Form Recorder and Player

You need to deliver a C# sample application for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 which consists of 2 parts:

1. A "Recorder" to record the fill out process of a we form for a website.

2. A "Player" to replay the process, recorded with the player.

Target is to get a tool to fill out web form for any website.

A basic application with the required UI design / parts will be handed over with the project start.

There will be 2 milestones:

1. 40% for the "Recorder"

2. 60% for the "Player = completed project

More detailed information in the attached requirements documentation.

Please contact me if you need more information.

Please reply with the keyword "apfelsaft".


Here is a video demo for the recorder part.

About the captcha:

A lot of questions come up about the captcha requirement. Here some infos I can give about that:

* the user is able to decide if he wants to use a decaptcha service or solve the captcha manually.
* if a decaptcha service is used, all necessary informations needs to be "recorded" which are required by the decaptcha service API - in this case I need at least support for the "" API.
* is the user wants to solve captchas manually, a pop up window needs to come up during the "replay" where he can see the captcha image and is able to put the captcha text into a textbox. The captcha text is given back to the player replay process

About recording and playing:

* If you record a site, you need to enter real data to complete the process of course.
* during recording no real data is saved together with the form elements identifiers, but a placeholder. Like #EMAIL# for the value which needs to be put into the email textfield.
* before using the player component, the placeholders need to be filled with real data (of course different from the one, used while recording). Just take a dummy user here for testing.
* for example if you replay and have an "action" ENTERTEXT mail_field #EMAIL# the software looks up the field "mail-field" and enters the text "" (this is from the dummy user).

About form elements you are not able to "identify":

If there are elements on the web form which are not able to identify by an identifier, there needs to be an option to add this process step manually in some way.

For example is the form uses no classic submit button, but a submit image which has no identfier (name).

DeathByCaptcha API:

Skills: C# Programming, HTML, Software Architecture, XML

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