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AMPS Challenge

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In partnership with Arrow Electronics

Sponsored by Bureau of Reclamation

Make power systems more reliable

Freelancer and Reclamation

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Freelancer, in partnership with Arrow Electronics, is running a first-of-its-kind contest with a total prize purse of $250,000.00 USD. Sponsored by the Bureau of Reclamation, the Automated Maintenance of Protection Systems Challenge (AMPS Challenge) invites innovators and engineers from all over the world to contribute their ideas and solutions to further Reclamation's mission of managing, developing and protecting water and related resources, through improving its efficiencies in monitoring and testing of electric power protection systems. If you have ever wanted to make an impact on large scale infrastructure, this is your opportunity.
Person writing into notebook Prize: $10,000.00 USD per winning entry

Automated Maintenance of Protection Systems Challenge Phase 1

Create whitepapers on tool(s) to improve safety and reliability of the power system.
Engineer fascinated with scientific object Prize: Up to $100,000.00 USD

Automated Maintenance of Protection Systems Challenge Phase 2

Develop a lab prototype for demonstration and functional testing.

The Challenge

After the 2003 Northeast blackout in North America, an outage that affected over 50 million people, a list of testing protocols was developed by NERC to prevent a power outage of the same magnitude and to improve system reliability. The list includes testing and maintenance protocols for electrical protection systems that are labor-intensive and often require Reclamation's hydropower plants to be off-line. The AMPS Challenge seeks solutions to automate the testing of Reclamation's existing protection systems at hydropower facilities while the equipment is online. Although the solutions are being requested for use in Reclamation's hydropower facilities, they are broadly applicable to any protective relay system.
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Get Involved

How does it work?

The challenge will be run in two phases with a total prize purse of $250,000.00 USD.

Phase 1
Phase 1 seeks individual or team submissions, in the form of a whitepaper, to provide innovations that will improve the reliability of power systems by automating protection system testing. Up to 10 entries will get $10,000.00 USD each and the opportunity to move onto Phase 2.
Phase 2
Phase 2 solvers will develop a lab prototype for functional demonstration and functional testing. Testing will be performed in the Denver area. The best prototype will be awarded up to $100,000.00 USD. In addition, up to $10,000.00 USD in awards will be presented for solvers that excel in individual benchmarks for a total Phase 2 purse of $150,000.00 USD.
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There is also the potential opportunity for a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement and collaboration time with Reclamation staff to develop solutions to a field readiness level of maturity.

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The Bureau of Reclamation

The Bureau of Reclamation is the largest wholesaler of water in the United States, bringing water to more than 31 million people in the western regions. Their 53 hydroelectric power plants provide more than 40 billion kilowatt hours annually, making them the second largest producer of hydroelectric power in the US. Reclamation's numerous programs, initiatives and activities help the Western States, Native American Tribes and others meet new water needs. Click
for more information.

NASA Open Innovation

Reclamation and Freelancer started their relationship with Freelancer's participation in the NASA Open Innovation Services 2 (NOIS2) joint tender. Click
for more information on other Freelancer NOIS2 projects.
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