Creating Milestone Payments

You can easily create Milestone Payments for the following scenarios and pages in the site:

  • When awarding a project

  • On the project page once the award is accepted

  • Via Inbox and Chat


Just provide the amount of payment that you wish to create, and confirm.


You may also create a Milestone on the Financial Dashboard:

  1. Mouse over your account balance, and select Financial Dashboard.

  2. Check the Milestone Requests view to see if your freelancer has requested payments to be created.

    • If there is and you wish to create it, click Create Milestone, and Confirm Payment.

  3. If there isn’t, click the Milestones bullet on the table header.

  4. Click Create Milestone Payment.

  5. Select the freelancer you wish to create a payment for, and provide the amount. The payment currency will follow your posted project’s currency.

  6. Click Create Milestone.

Creating Milestone Payments will charge your account balance or verified payment method (if you have an automatic billing) immediately. We will then hold the funds until you choose to release them to your freelancer.

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