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Refunding credit card deposits

Credit card deposits that meet the following conditions can be refunded upon request:

  • The funds are available on your account balance.
  • The money to be refunded came from a credit card deposit and is not your earnings from a project or contest.
  • The credit card deposit is still within its refundable period. Most credit card deposits can be refunded within one year, while it’s 6 months for some.


Scroll down to click Contact Us and give us the following details so we can process the refund:

  • Deposit Amount and currency
  • Date and time of deposit
  • Last four digits of your credit card


You will receive a confirmation email once the deposit is refunded. Refund of credit card deposits usually takes 5 - 10 business days to reflect on your account.


For deposits past their refundable period, you can withdraw* them instead to have the funds returned to you.


*If this is your very first withdrawal on the site, your withdrawal request will undergo the 15-day processing for security purposes. Otherwise, it will follow the regular cut-off times.

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