Why was I Charged Automatically?

Your credit card, PayPal, or Skrill was charged automatically because of the billing agreement in your Freelancer account.

A billing agreement is activated when you deposit through or verify your credit card, PayPal, or Skrill.

The billing agreement makes it easier for you to pay for services on our site. You would no longer have to manually deposit funds for each fee separately, as we would automatically deduct the exact amount from your chosen payment source instead. This will help avoid your account from running negative. Otherwise, if a negative balance is left unsettled, you will be prevented from bidding on more projects until the outstanding balance is settled.

These are some transactions that are automatically covered with a billing agreement:

  • Project Fees
  • Renewal of Membership Plan
  • Bid Upgrades
  • Exam Fees

The billing agreement is stated when you deposit funds to your Freelancer account.

The same is true when you verify your payment method.

The statement in the above images indicates that future payments will be taken from the credit card that is being verified.

You can activate more than one billing agreement by verifying or depositing funds using more than one payment method.

We highly recommend the billing agreement, but if at any time you wish to cancel it, you may do so by visiting the Payment & Financials page. Just remember that a billing agreement will be reactivated the next time you make a deposit, or verify your payment method.


Here's a video explaining the billing agreement:

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