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Creating invoices for hourly projects

Invoices are now automatically generated once the employer sets up their billing option. This is to make invoice management easier for both parties. There are instances, however, wherein the freelancer may need to create an invoice from their end, such as when there is an additional payment to be made.

Invoices may be created in three ways. Let us go over them one by one, shall we?


via the Project Page - Invoices tab

1. Go to your My Projects page.

2. Toggle the Freelancer view.

3. Select the Current Work tab and click the title of your project.

4. Select the Invoices tab.

5. Click Create Invoice.


A form will then appear. Here are the parts of the Create Invoice form:

1) The [edit] link allows you to edit the details that will be included in the invoice. When clicked, this window will appear, and you are free to make changes as you will:

2) This lets you attach your personal or company logo to the invoice.

3) On the Work Completed section, you can edit the invoice description and add taxes if applicable. Your hourly rate will be auto-populated with the amount specified on your bid.

4) The Add Expenses button lets you include your additional expenses on the project, so the cost will be billed to your employer as well.

When you are done, click Create Invoice. If you wish to check the invoice first, click Preview. If you want to temporarily save the invoice, click Save Draft instead. If you want to disregard the invoice, click Cancel.

Once the invoice is created, it should appear as such on the Invoices tab:


via the Project Page - Time Tracker tab

1. Select the Time Tracker tab on your project’s page.

If you are using the Desktop App for the project, your work sessions will be automatically tracked and listed. You can put notes for each session by clicking Add Note.

Sessions are listed under invoiced and uninvoiced.

  • Invoiced sessions are those that are already included in an existing invoice.
  • Uninvoiced sessions are those that are yet to be invoiced (if the current invoice is not yet paid).

The invoice amounts cannot be edited as they are based on the sessions recorded through the Desktop App.

2. Click Invoice Now to create an invoice for your uninvoiced sessions.

A similar form will appear, and you can edit each session’s description and taxes/expenses if applicable:


via the Financial Dashboard page

1. Hover over your account balance at the top right part of your Dashboard.

2. Select Financial Dashboard to be directed to the Financial Dashboard page.

Financial Dashboard

3. Select the Invoices tab.

4. Toggle the Outgoing view.

5. Click on the Select Project or External Client search field and select the related project.


6.  The same form will appear, and you can edit the fields as necessary. Click Create Invoice once done. The invoice will then be shown on the Financial Dashboard page.


If the project has an unpaid invoice, you will not be able to create more invoices. Your employer has to pay it first before you can create another one.

You have the option instead to edit the outstanding invoice in order to add the value of a new payment. This can only be done on manual invoices as automatically-generated invoices cannot be edited.


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