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Paying invoices

Automatic invoices


If weekly billing is set up for an hourly project, invoices will be paid automatically every Wednesday (date and time indicated are in the employer’s timezone).





Manual invoices


Invoices can be manually paid via the Invoices tab of your project. Just click Pay next to the invoice that you wish to pay.



You can use an existing Milestone Payment (or your account balance) to pay invoices. After selecting the payment option you prefer, click Pay Now.




I did not pay an invoice, but it was marked paid after I released a Milestone Payment.


Regardless of the project type or of how an invoice was created, an existing invoice will be rendered paid if a Milestone Payment of the same amount is released.




The invoice was created after the payment was released. How will it be marked “Paid”?


An invoice created for a payment that was already released will need a payment correction, which can only be done on our end. It will also require the following:

  • the invoice and the released payment should be of the same amount and currency, and
  • both parties, freelancer and employer, should approve the correction with us.

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