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How to Edit a Project after It's Posted

Changes to the requirements of a project might be unavoidable. Hence, it is understandable why an employer might wish to edit a project that they already posted.

Once a project is posted though, freelancers who have relevant skills are notified in case they want to bid. It would be unfair for a freelancer to learn that he cannot bid on a project because the required skills had been changed. So, while it is still possible to edit some details of the project, not all details can be modified.


How to Edit a Posted Project

On your project page, click the ellipsis tab "..." and select Edit.

Note: The project’s title, published description, and budget can no longer be modified.



Skills and Additional Description

You can add up to 5 more skills to your project and add to the project’s description. This information will be displayed under your project's original description with the date and time you submitted it. Freelancers who placed a bid on your project will be notified of the change through email.   ​


Here's what freelancers will see when they view the project after you edit it:


Additional Files

You can upload file attachments to your project when you edit it. Just click + Upload Files or drag and drop the files to the attachment box.

If you wish to remove the files you uploaded, scroll down and click Contact Us to submit your request.


Project Upgrades

Any of the project upgrades will be available for you if this time you want to make the most of them. Just tick the upgrade you wish to purchase and click Update my Project to save the updates.​


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