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Posting projects

Posting projects is easy.


     1.  Hover over Hire Freelancers, and select Post a Project.


Post Project from the Hire Freelancers menu


     2.  Give your project a descriptive title to easily tell freelancers what the project is about.


     3.  Provide a description. Be as detailed as possible. Here are some tips.


     4.  Add up to five skills necessary to complete your project. These will help us reach relevant freelancers.


     5.  Select the appropriate project type (fixed-price or hourly), and provide your budget.


     6.  Add upgrades (optional), depending on what your project needs. Click Advanced for more upgrade options.


     7.  Read the terms found under the Post My Project button, and click it to finish.




Why am I being asked to verify a payment method?


You will be prompted to verify your payment method before posting a project if:

  • You have other projects that are waiting to be awarded
  • You have outstanding fees within the site
  • Additional verification is necessary


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