Why Can't I Bid on a Project?

There are times when freelancers are unable to place bids on projects they are interested in.

Here are some of the common reasons why:


1. Your profile is not completed.

Completing one’s profile is essential. This is to ensure that the site is a safe working environment for all users. To update your profile, click your profile picture at the upper right corner of your page and select Profile

At the right side of your profile page, click the Edit Profile button. To be able to bid, you need to complete the following details on your profile page:

  • Profile Picture

  • Display Name

  • Brief Introduction

  • Summary

We highly recommend that you upload a clear, professional photo of yourself or your company logo. As an added incentive, a more professional, thorough profile would attract more employers. It’s essential for boosting your earning potential on Freelancer.com.

Note: Make sure to select your Language Settings and Location as well to have a complete profile. To update these details, go to your Settings page.


2. You do not have the skills related to the project.

This happens when the employer has required skills on the project which you currently do not have in your account's saved skills. If that is the case, you will not be able to bid on that project. To amend this, you can directly add at least one of the required skills while on the bidding page itself.  


3. You have not passed a required exam.

Some employers require freelancers to pass certain exams in order to place a bid. This is their way of making sure they'll hire only qualified professionals for their projects, which are tagged as Qualified projects.

When you go to a Qualified project's page, the required exam will be shown under Qualifications Required. You can take the exam by clicking the Take exam now button. You can also take exams from your profile page, or you can go to the Skills Lab page.


4. You have used up all of your bids.

You can always check the number of your available bids whenever you place a bid on a project. Additionally, you can check it on the lower right part of your Dashboard

If you've ran out of bids, don't worry because they are automatically replenished over time. From your Dashboard, you will be able to see the time remaining before you receive your next additional bid.

If you cannot wait for the replenishment, you can always upgrade to any of our membership plans to receive more bids and get bidding again.

To know more about how bids are replenished, please read Bid Limit and Replenishment.


5. Featured projects and Fixed price projects with budgets over $1500 USD are off limits to relatively new freelancers.

Only freelancers with Plus Membership or higher are allowed to bid on projects with over $1500 USD budget and projects with the Featured upgrade. (For Hourly projects, there are no restrictions regardless of their budget range.) 

To get a Plus Membership or a higher membership plan, click here.


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