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Contest Handover - Employer

Once you select a winner for your contest, the next step is to complete the Contest Handover. This is where the winner transfers the ownership of their entry to you. 

Here's how it works:

1. Sign the IP Transfer Agreement. To do this, carefully review your details, check the box beside "I agree to sign the IP Transfer Agreement," and click Sign Contract.

The IP Transfer Agreement is a printable document giving the contest holder the ownership of the winning entry.


2. Wait for the winner to upload the winning entry file/s. The maximum file size that can be uploaded during handover is 200 MB. Once they submit the files, you will be given 14 days to download, review, and accept the files. The prize will be released to the winner when the files are accepted.

Within this time, you can request the winner to do any revisions before you accept the files. If revisions need to be applied or if complications come up, our Support team is available anytime through the Chat Now! button below.

Note: If you (the contest holder) do not accept the files within 14 days after being uploaded, the prize money will automatically be released to the contest winner. 


3. You and the contest winner can leave feedback for one another. 

The Handover process is the same for Runner-up Winner(s) but without the feedback option. After you’ve bought an entry, both you and the designer enter the Contest Handover. Once it’s done, you will be the owner of the entry, and the designer will receive his/her payment.

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