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Why Join Contests?

Projects are ideal for tasks that require longer time to be completed – like developing apps, virtual assistant jobs and business consulting jobs. Contests, on the other hand, are best for short-term projects that require visual or design works such as creating logos, banners, shirt designs, and more.

Here are just some of the benefits when you join contests:

  • You can submit an entry without the worry of your account ratings being strictly required. Contest holders will primarily judge your skill level based on the quality of your entry, instead of the reviews on your profile.
  • You don’t need a membership plan in order to join. 
  • You can submit a contest entry without bids being deducted from your account. A bid is not required to join a contest.
  • You can join multiple contests and send multiple entries as well. Just remember to maintain high quality entries in the contests you join.

Take note that contest holders can also award multiple entries in just one contest. Not just that, you can also sell your entry to the contest holder. This means that you do not just have a high chance of being chosen as the contest winner, but you also can earn by being a contest runner up.

Check out the available contests and submit your contest entry today!

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