Contest Runner-up

Posting contests is a great way to get freelancers for your graphic design, video, presentation, etc, and it’s great to have all their entries conveniently presented to you. The problem sometimes is that you can’t make up your mind—what with all these professional designers trying to impress you. If you feel that more than one entry is deserving to be selected, though, you can always buy the second best entry that you find.

Yes, that's right, you can select multiple winners by awarding a winner and then buying other entries (runner-ups).

When designers enter your contest, they are asked how much they want to sell their entries for in case they don’t win. If you like an entry, you can purchase it for the price set by the designer. Remember, you can only do this after you’ve selected a winner.


Here’s how it works:

1. Go to your contest’s page.

2. Choose a runner-up entry and click the Buy button with the price.

If you wish to view the entry first before buying it, click the entry and its full view window will appear. You can then directly buy the entry by hovering over the image and clicking the Buy Entry button.


2. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation of the purchase. Click Buy Now.


After buying an entry, you will go through the Contest Handover, which means you will still obtain the copyright to that entry. The only difference with this handover and the handover between you and the contest winner is that the feedback option is not available for you and the contest runner-up/s.

Keep in mind that the contest prize is for the contest winner only; it cannot be divided among the winner and the runner-up winners. The payment for runner-up entries is different from the contest prize.


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