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Tips for attracting high-quality entries to your contest

On, you have access to millions of freelancers ready to compete in various contests. Here are our top tips to attract the best freelancers to join your contest.


Give a clear contest title. The title of your contest should be brief while giving freelancers a clear idea of what you need.


Add a detailed contest description. Ensure that your contest description is easy to understand and sufficiently conveys your requirements. It should answer as many potential questions as possible. Include examples of what you are looking for such as images and sketches, if available.


Guarantee your contest. As freelancers are guaranteed that a winner will be picked in Guaranteed contests, more freelancers will be encouraged to join.


Upgrade your contest. Take advantage of our available contest upgrades to make your contest stand out. Among these upgrades, two will promote your contest the fastest. The Top Contest upgrade will automatically invite our top freelancers to join your contest; the Highlight upgrade will make your contest highlighted in yellow on the Browse Contest page, making it more noticeable to freelancers.


Consider increasing the prize money. The higher the value of your contest, the more freelancers are interested to join your contest.


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