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Getting work done on makes hiring temporary or ongoing help quick and easy. Clients can work with skilled freelancers locally or from around the world. Just sign up for free, and hire freelancers to get work done for you.

  • Post projects. Work with freelancers of your choosing. You can post projects for freelancers to bid on. Shortlist bidders, and award who can best deliver your project’s needs. If you need work done offline (i.e. gardening, babysitting), you can also post Local projects.
  • Directly hire freelancers. Instead of inviting bids by posting projects, you can directly hire freelancers if you are looking for something more specific to be delivered. Check the Browse Freelancers page, and use the filters provided to narrow down the search results to what is relevant to your project. You can also look around the Freelancer Showcase for something similar to what you are after.
  • Get Project Management help. After choosing a freelancer to work with, you can hire a Project Manager who can help with monitoring your project’s progress. Your Project Manager will keep in touch with your freelancer regularly on your behalf, ensuring that the tasks are clear and there are no delays in the delivery.
  • Start contests. Receive ideas from several freelancers right away by starting a contest. Crowdsource what you need to be done from competing freelancers, and pay only for the winning entry or entries. This is ideal for design-related work.
  • Buy predefined services. Get small projects done quickly through Freelancer Services. A service provider gets selected and awarded by our system when you pick a service.


Project success is dependent on effective collaboration. What needs to be done has to be clear to both parties. Consider asking these questions to your freelancers to help ensure your project’s completion.


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