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Rating, rejecting, and commenting on contest entries

Providing ratings and leaving comments on entries helps participating freelancers know how they can improve their submissions to contents.


While other users can leave comments on the Public Clarification Board and on individual entry comment threads, the contest holder can rate, reject, and comment (annotate) on entries.



Rating entries


Contest holders are encouraged to rate entries to let freelancers know which design direction the contest is going.


Simply click the stars below the entry that you would like to rate.




Star ratings can still be updated even after they are given by clicking on the correct number of stars.



Rejecting entries


If submissions did not follow the contest brief or if the quality does not meet set standards, contest holders can hover over the entry and click Reject to reject it.




Rejected entries are grayed out and are pushed to the last pages of submitted entries. Mouse over a rejected entry, and click Reconsider to reconsider it.





Freelancers will be notified on their account Dashboard when their entries are either rated or rejected.





Commenting on entries


Contest holders can pin notes directly on entries. This is helpful when providing feedback to design work as it makes pointing directly on areas of the entry possible.


     1.  From the contest page, click on an entry to have a fullview of the entry.


     2.  Click on any part of the entry to add a pin, and leave a comment.


     3.  Click Post to finish.




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