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How to Report a Contest Entry

If you see any copied designs or entries that violate our Terms and Conditions or Copyright Infringement Policy, you have the option to report them on your end. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Click the entry thumbnail to see its fullview.

2. On the entry's full image view, click Report under the entry.


3. A popup notification asking for the type of violation will appear. Select a reason from the list, and click Continue.

  • They copied my work
  • They copied work from another source
  • Work does not match requirements
  • Submitted explicit or inappropriate content
  • Low-quality work
  • Other

4. Provide more details about your report, and click Continue to send it.

5. You will be notified that your report has been received. Click Done.


Filed reports will be thoroughly investigated. If it is proven that the entry or user has committed a violation, they will be penalized accordingly.


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