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Freelancer memberships

Signing up is free on! New users are automatically subscribed to a Free membership (non-paid subscription) and are given the opportunity to try our Plus Membership for free.


If you have already taken advantage of the trial Plus Membership plan, you may choose from the available paid subscriptions in our Memberships page so you can maximize your success and earnings. Whether you are here as a full time freelancer or simply looking for a part time job, we have plans customized according to your needs and especially according to your budget.


Our membership plans namely: Basic, Plus, Professional and Premier are available for monthly subscription. And, you can get them at a discounted price if you go for annual subscription.


Below are the benefits* that you will enjoy in a paid membership. (*Note that the benefits you will receive will depend on your membership tier. Visit the Memberships page to see what’s included in every membership plan.)

  • Increased number of bids per month
    The more bids you can make, the more work you can possibly take, thus giving you more earning opportunities.
  • More skills slots
    The Premier membership, for example, lets you list up to 400 skills on your profile, which means you can be eligible to bid on more projects matching your skills.

  • Faster withdrawal processing with our Daily Withdrawal Requests feature
    Get your earnings faster through the 1-day processing of your withdrawal request. 
  • Access to high-value projects
    Specific membership plans unlock your bidding access to high-value projects or projects with the budget of 1500 USD and up.
  • Eligibility to the Preferred Freelancer Program
    Having at least a Basic membership is one of the requirements to apply to the Preferred Freelancer Program -- a program for elite freelancers where members are given exclusive benefits. Being part of the program will level up your freelancing career.
  • Ability to follow clients
    Add your favorite clients in your Client Following list to receive real-time notifications whenever they post a project.
  • Option to Issue external invoices
    With our External Invoicing feature, you can bill clients you worked with outside the site and receive payment on the platform. We’ll take charge of the accounting and payment processing.
  • Enjoy free Highlight and Sealed contest upgrades
    Save money from paying contest entry upgrades with the free contest upgrades that comes with your membership.
  • Bookmark projects
    Bookmark projects you want to save for later bidding. 

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