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Cancelling my membership

Cancelling your plan means reverting your membership to Free (non-paid membership). That said, cancelling is different from downgrading a membership. If you only intend to change your preferred plan, you can check the other plans we have for you in the Memberships page.


To cancel your membership, here are the steps:


     1.  Click your profile picture thumbnail and choose Settings.


     2.  Select the Membership tab.


     3.  Click Cancel under the membership that you wish to stop.


     4.  Click Cancel Membership to confirm.


     5.  Tell us why you are cancelling your subscription, and click Cancel Membership.




Cancellation will take effect after your paid membership plan is over. To illustrate, suppose you are on a monthly plan and your paid membership renews on the 28th. If you cancel your membership on the 20th, which is 8 days before the renewal date, you will still be on your paid plan until the 28th. This allows you to still receive the benefits of your paid subscription before it is reverted to Free. strongly recommends that you choose a membership plan that best suits your goals to grow your freelancing business in the platform. For more details on how to maximize your freelancer success and earnings, visit the Memberships page. 

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