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Account Deactivation vs. Account Deletion

There are two options for you if you plan to leave the site for good. You can either 1) deactivate your account or 2) have your account deleted. You might be wondering what’s the difference between these two? Let us go ahead and tackle each selection.


Account Deactivation

Account deactivation or account closure let's you leave your account but gives you the option to reactivate should you decide to go back. All your actions will be ceased, but your information will remain intact. If reactivated, the account will be in the same state as before it was closed.


In some cases, Administrators also close an account if there were any violations subject for closure found. Reactivation in this case will be subject for review.


Account Deletion

Account deletion means permanent closure of your account. Doing this will force deactivate your account. Make sure that you are fully decided before requesting for your account to be deleted. After 7 days from when the deletion request was lodged, your data* will be removed from the Site, and account reactivation will no longer be possible.

If you wish to use the site again after having your account deleted, you will have to register as a new user with new details – username, phone number, and email address.

*Some information may be retained for a period of time to fulfill record keeping, regulatory, compliance, statistical, law enforcement and other obligations.

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