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Editing a Bid in an In Progress Project

Before a project is awarded, freelancers can edit their bid freely. After it is awarded, editing is not an option. Edits can only be made again after the award is accepted by the freelancer, and this needs to be approved by the client. This option is best used when new agreements are made after a client and a freelancer had a detailed discussion on the project specifications.



For Freelancers


You can only send a bid change request once. Before sending a request, it is best to discuss your proposed changes with your client. Then, send a request after you reach an agreement in chat.


You can request to edit the following: (1) budget and (2) duration. Editing is only available in fixed-price projects at this time.


Here’s how you can send a request.


     1.  From the Proposals page, click Request Edit. You will be directed to the Details tab from here.



     2.  Edit your bid amount and your proposed delivery duration. Values here can be lower or higher than your original bid.


     3.  Add a description for your modification request. (Optional)


     4.  Click Request.




For Clients


You can accept/decline your freelancer’s bid request from the Payments tab of your project.



We highly recommend that you speak with your freelancer via chat before deciding to accept or reject a request, especially if you have not made any modifications with your requirements. Note that your decision to accept or reject a request from your freelancer is final and cannot be reversed.



Note: Additional project fee will apply to both freelancer and client when a higher bid is approved by the client. 


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