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Cancelling projects

Cancelling projects is different for fixed price and hourly projects, and can only be done by employers.



For fixed-price projects:


   1.  Go to your project’s page.


   2.  Click End Project on the right side of the Management tab.




   3.  Choose My requirements have changed and I no longer require this work to be done to cancel the project. Selecting The freelancer is unable to complete my project will mark the project as Incomplete instead.


   4.  Click Submit.


End project confirmation




For hourly projects:


   1.  Go to your project’s page.


   2.  Click End Billing on the right side of your project's Management tab.





   3.  Click End Billing


Confirm end billing



Projects with pending Milestone Payments cannot be cancelled. The payments have to be either released by you or be cancelled by the freelancer first.



Here’s what happens when a project is cancelled:

  • You will still be able to access the project, bids, messages, and attached files.
  • You will be unable to complete the project with the same freelancer.
  • The messaging will be disabled.
  • You may still award the project to the same freelancer or to any of the existing bidders.

Project fees for projects cancelled (not deleted) within seven (7) days after the freelancer accepts the project will be automatically refunded in full.


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