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Managing hourly projects

An automatic billing system for hourly projects is integrated with the Freelancer Desktop App to better manage payments for your freelancer's worked hours.



Tracking Work Hours


Hours worked on by your freelancer will be tracked and their activities will be recorded via random screenshots on the Desktop App. You can view the tracked hours and screenshots on the Daily Activity Viewer and the Tracked Time sections of the Tracking tab of your hourly project.





Automatic Billing


When you award your hourly project, you will be prompted to activate weekly automatic billing. This will allow your freelancer to track hours and will enable automatic creation of Milestone Payments weekly to pay your freelancers tracked hours. Your project will not be awarded if you try to skip it.




When activating the automatic billing, you can review the billing details and create a Milestone Payment for your freelancer’s first hour of work. These billing details can still be edited in your project page after award.


You can end and resume the automatic billing anytime if there are changes in your payment method or once the project is completed.





Automatic creation of Milestone Payments for the freelancer’s tracked hours happens every Monday in your timezone (if the automatic billing is active). A Milestone Payment will be released to the freelancer every Wednesday, 48 hours after it was created.


You'll get an invoice for every created Milestone Payment. The details in the invoices such as the tracked hours and the price cannot be edited. The Bill From and Bill To details on the invoice will be updated when you change your profile details.



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