Wollstonecraft Detective Agency

by DanPlayer

A point and click adventure game and educational interactive web site.

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About Me

Experience - Experience with cutting edge AR / VR technology. - Extensive experience with workflow design and Unity editor extensions. - Technical leadership experience. - Software architecture experience. - Networking and multiplayer experience. - Mobile experience. - Shaders and rendering experience. - Front end and back end systems in C, C++, C#, PHP, Node, etc. - 15+ years of professional software engineering experience. Algorithms experience - Technical writing. - Genetic algorithms. - Analytical algorithms. - Geometry, splines, rigid body mechanics. - Shaders and shader pipelines with, OpenGL, WebGL - Real-time ray tracing, ray surfing and voxel rendering R&D. - Custom game engines Software and tools - Unity - C, C++, C#, Node, AS3, - Git, Perforce, SVN - Jira, Pivotal, Trello, Collaborator, Swarm

$260 USD/hr

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