AWS - EC2 - Change PEM Key

by Mondorica
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1. From the AWS EC2 Console -> Key Pairs and generate a new key pair (eg: keynew.pem); Download the generated pem key, and chmod it to 0666 2. Use the new pem key to generate a public key $ ssh-keygen -y When prompted, enter the path to keynew.pem ( /path/to/keynew.pem ) . This will generate on console not in file Touch and paste his content form generated process. Tip: Edit and append the key's name so you can identify it easier in the next steps. Just append a single space, then a tag/name for the key 3. Add the new public key to your instance $ cat /path/to/ | ssh -i /path/to/key-firstone.pem user@ip-private-from-aws "cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys" 4. Test the new key by logging in and removing the old/original key $ ssh -i /path/to/keynew.pem user@ip-private-from-aws $ nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys Find the line containing the "original name" key and remove it.

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