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The goal to was to export data into Excel in readable form. Data were structured, and the intent was to preserve this structure to those ones who will look into Excel. To give you a clue: every participant had usual single-value fields, and there were several fields that could have multiple entries. A participant was questioned about previous events he was participating in, and there could be many of them. Also, he could left a comment in a multi-line textarea. When csv is being imported by Excel, it sets every row to a height of single line, so until we expand the row, we cannot see other lines. To deal with this issue CSVGrid can split multi-line value into multiple rows. And there was another question that had 2 layers of nesting. So one participant can have several fields that require more than one row, and this library can give enough space for every information item.\n\nhttps://bitbucket.org/OCTAGRAM/csvgrid

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Mostly experienced in native imperative languages (Delphi, Ada, C, C++). Like to do cross-language bindings. Also know little PHP and JavaScript. Have knowledge of all 3 main desktop OSes, but experience varies. Long ago (2004,2005) participated in Russian informatics olympiads (ACM and alike), but personally I prefer Software Engineering which was missing from these olympiads tasks. Programming experience dates back to DOS ages, and I used assembler, programmed TSRs and reverse engineered modern x86 and x86_64 executables.

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