Common Application Execution Platform (Objective PE)

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Compile twice, run everywhere. x86+x86_64 as portable bytecode. PE/COFF as file format. New object model based on ideas found in IBM System Object Model, “Putting Metaclasses to Work” book and Objective-C. Apple Cocoa as GUI. Cocoa bridge on macOS, tweaked Objective-C compiler on other OSes. Support for Delphi, Ada, C++ and scripting languages like in Microsoft COM and IBM SOM. Inheritance support like in IBM SOM.

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About Me

Mostly experienced in native imperative languages (Delphi, Ada, C, C++). Like to do cross-language bindings. Also know little PHP and JavaScript. Have knowledge of all 3 main desktop OSes, but experience varies. Long ago (2004,2005) participated in Russian informatics olympiads (ACM and alike), but personally I prefer Software Engineering which was missing from these olympiads tasks. Programming experience dates back to DOS ages, and I used assembler, programmed TSRs and reverse engineered modern x86 and x86_64 executables.

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