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Objective PE is a middleware. Gears are common there, for instance, when creating ActiveX library in Delphi, it has a gear on its icon. I decided to follow this convention. I wanted gears to be realistic, that is, if they are to be produced, they must rotate together. Gears found on logos often do not satisfy this requirement because designers are not engineers, and they don't know how to make gears have proper shape. So I've done it by myself as opposed to delegating to someone else. I engineered gears in NanoCAD, exported to DXF, imported to InkScape, finished in InkScape, exported to SVG, converted to PNG, PDF, EMF. Clipped gear is supposed to give a feeling of volume and mass. Smaller gear introduces some asymmetry to the image. The font is ParaType PT Serif, looks pretty stylish, suitable for developer toolkit logo. "Objective" reminds about Objective-C, and this is not coincidence, some compatibility with this ecosystem is planned. "PE" refers to Portable Exe

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Mostly experienced in native imperative languages (Delphi, Ada, C, C++). Like to do cross-language bindings. Also know little PHP and JavaScript. Have knowledge of all 3 main desktop OSes, but experience varies. Long ago (2004,2005) participated in Russian informatics olympiads (ACM and alike), but personally I prefer Software Engineering which was missing from these olympiads tasks. Programming experience dates back to DOS ages, and I used assembler, programmed TSRs and reverse engineered modern x86 and x86_64 executables.

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