libyaml bindings for Delphi

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A language binding can be either thin or thick. Thin binding barely provides a way of interaction with foreign code. Thick binding takes care of target language features to make foreign library usage convenient (e. g. converting error codes into exceptions, memory management, dealing with native strings). libyaml bindings for Delphi have both thin and thick part.

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Mostly experienced in native imperative languages (Delphi, Ada, C, C++). Like to do cross-language bindings. Also know little PHP and JavaScript. Have knowledge of all 3 main desktop OSes, but experience varies. Long ago (2004,2005) participated in Russian informatics olympiads (ACM and alike), but personally I prefer Software Engineering which was missing from these olympiads tasks. Programming experience dates back to DOS ages, and I used assembler, programmed TSRs and reverse engineered modern x86 and x86_64 executables.

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