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Areas Of Expertise: Most Recent Technologies being worked on: ASP .NET MVC development Mac OSX Desktop Application Development HTML5; WebRTC; JQuery OAuth; OpenId integration Obout ASP .NET AJAX controls iPhone; iPad; Objective C Web Analytics (webtrends, Google Analytics, Exact Target) MS Office Add-ins embedded VC++ VC++; COM; ActiveX; ATL SilverLight ASP .NET AJAX SQL Server 2005; SQL Server 2008 .NET 3.5; VB .NET; C# WWF; WPF; WCF .NET Web Services Javascript (Advanced) C++ Android; WM 6.1; Metatrader; MQL 4; MQL 5 1. Domain Expertise 1.1 Business Applications o S aaS based web applicati ons o CRM (Customer Relationship Management). o CMS (Content Management System). o Workflow Management. o IVRS (Integrated Voice Response Systems). 1.2 Wireless & Mobile systems o OMA Complaint IMPS , SyncML, DRM Client and ser ver protocol stack, o OMA SVGT Plug-in fo r mobile browser. o Bluetooth. o IMS, SIP, SIMPLE based Application o Software application development over specifications. 1.3 Embedded System o Application Development on ARM - 9 boards. o Application Development for Mobile Devices o Application Development for Robotics Application. 1.4 Data Base Security o SOX/HIPAA Compliant Access Control implementation * Simple and non intrusive mechanism for defining access control policies. * Centralized Access control enforcement. * Audit logging. o Access control enforcement at SQL level with ODBC Driver and Oracle TCP Packets. o Schema mapping for composite schema from diverse data sources, virtual data aggregation. o SQL Query parser & Interpreter. o Custom OLEDB Provider. o Database Synchronization using two way commit. 1.5 Software development automation 1.6 Product verification and validation 1.7 Software Packaging o Cross Platform software deployment packages. 1.8 Logistics & Transportation o Shipment Movement & Creation o Shipment Tracking 1.9 Pricing & Billing Network Analysis o Network Traffic Analysis o Network Traffic Generator Utilities o Add-ins for MS-Office o Internet Explorer toolbar o MS-Office plug-ins for Internet Explorer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Technical Expertise 2.1 Development Models We define below certain development methodology and our experience with them o Agile software development (ASD) method * Among various methods/techniques available for development using ASD, we have found following methods of ASD, delivering most value during the development cycle. Extreme Programming We have ended up making use of Extreme Programming mostly, when we have worked with our clients in helping them through identification of their needs. This approach is actually helpful when it is possible to dilute the processes of software development life cycle. Again fusion of Prototypic approach with some Extreme Programming scenarios was highly successful. Feature Drive Development Feature Drive Development (FDD) is an iterative and incremental software development process. FDD blends a number of industry-recognized best practices into a cohesive whole. These practices are all driven from a client-valued functionality (feature) perspective. Its main purpose is to deliver tangible, working software repeatedly in a timely manner. o Iterative approach using RUP model applied with UML patterns * In our many experiences implementing RUP, we have identified it as being most useful in product development. We have flavored implementing RUP in sync with Prototypic Model to arrive to a very successful fusion model. o Waterfall * Around 60% of developments we have experienced were followed upon with a Waterfall implementation. This is the most profound way of working with a set of requirements, demanding for a service in place of a product and where Time & Material is highly appreciated. Occasionally, a trimmed layer of Prototypic support was found a lot helpful during the initial phases of an undertaking with this approach. It can very well be supported with a highly complex process oriented development. 2.2 Development Platforms o Unix * Theoretically the best choice of running and developing Java based application * When it comes to supporting database servers with file based structure like Informix. * Deploying process intensive jobs o Windows 9x * Normally comes handy in supporting stand alone applications attracting less distribution and maintenance costs; Web based application also support very well with Windows 9K series o Windows NT/Windows XP/Windows 2K* * Anything under Windows 9K * Applications normally developed for sufficing internal corporate needs and requiring closed sharing of Information to a tangible audience can be developed very efficiently over a combination of Windows NT/XP/2K* series. * These kinds of application normally boil down to implementing Client-Server architecture. o Windows Mobile 5.0/ WinCE * Solutions that lead us to think about a wireless support on a handy gadget are implemented over Windows CE. Solutions requiring wireless support find their use in multiple areas, like providing handy informational support within a corporate or in a medical center or for a large sales team dispersed across geography. o Symbian * An Operating System for high-end mobile handset. It provides a complete software platform for hosting multitude of mobile applications over wireless devices such as communicators and smart phones. * Standards are driven by global telecom leader like Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola * Developed applications over Symbian that enables wireless networking through Bluetooth, infrared medium, content services, messaging. 2.3 Persistence Techniques We list below our expertise in various databases. o Oracle 8/9i/10g * Our experience has shown that a use of Oracle database servers is normally a choice of systems, which though have medium to high level of volume, but are highly used in application expecting direct interfacing with database servers at relatively higher frequencies. * Oracle databases are implicitly looked optimistically with Java based applications, due to inherent Java supported features. o MS SQL server 7/2k/2005/2008 * We have experienced high end use of MS SQL database servers with application being developed in Microsoft technologies, especially with Microsoft .NET DNA. * MS .NET applications implicitly provide tangibly optimized support MS SQL Servers. * With the invent of MS SQL Server 2005, the maintainability of database entities is controlled by .NET runtime extending the market for a well integrated, distributable and centralized Microsoft .NET system. o MS Access * We have experienced a decent yield of standalone products opting for MS Access, which does not require heavy database management beside it's free of cost resulting in significant reduction in distribution cost for the product owner. o MSDE/SQL Express 2005/SQL Mobile * Way above Access, built on a thinner support of SQL Server databases. We have undertaken a decent amount of .NET based Client-Server application with client database being either of MSDE/SQL Express 2005 and SQL Server 2000/SQL Server 2005 as server databases. It is one of the first choices when it comes to implementing Client-Server architecture on .NET o Informix * Choice of high to very high volume databases. Goes good with a HP-UX server o IBM DB2 * Choice of high to very high volume databases. 2.4 Design Models o Object Oriented * Object-Oriented model had forever been the first and foremost choice of any software development undertaking. * Approximately 90% of our experience lies with implementing either full or partial Object-Oriented methodology. * UML, Design Patterns and process workflows remained instrumental in implementing Object Oriented design. o Object Based * When it comes to develop a fast, rich UI with a decent performance, we have mostly gone for implementing it with MS Visual Basic. This kind of development though, provides a decent object-based design, but is not detailed enough for further extensions. o Structural * Theoretically we have a vast experience in writing raw C Programs supporting only functional breakup. At times it is required to give a variation to appealing Object-Oriented methodology by going with a structural way of programming out a requirement. We have ended up using Structural methodology in scenarios where, a thin UI with high performance requirements and least resource consumption was expected. 2.5 Design Patterns o Gang of Four base patterns o Microsoft .NET Enterprise patterns o J2EE patterns o UML Patterns 2.6 Designing Tools o Rational Rose o MS Visio 2000 2.7 Frameworks o Microsoft .NET WPF/WCF/WWF o Silverlight o MVC o Jakarta Struts 1.1 o J2EE o Embedded VC++ 2.8 Coding Languages o MS VB .NET / C# / VC++ 7.0 (Attributed) / ASP .NET (using VB .NET and C#); AJAX and Web Parts o C. C++ / VC++ 6.0 o Sun Java o MS Visual Basic 4.0 through MS Visual Basic 6.0 o FoxPro 2.6 o Perl 2.9 Component based Distributed Computing o .NET Web Services o .NET Remoting o Java RMI o Socket based communication o COM/DCOM/ATL COM 3.0/ATL COM 7.0 Packages and Tools o MFC, Win32 SDK, Socket o ODBC, OLE DB, o GDI,GDI+ o Microsoft Application Blocks Protocols o TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, LDAP, SOAP, SyncML, wireless village Web Technologies o ASP / ASP .NET / Cold Fusion / PHP / JavaScript / AJAX o Web Services/Servers o Web 2.0 * .Net Web services * IIS * Apache * Tomcat Miscellaneous o XBRL,XMPP, XML DOM Parser, HTML DOM Parser Testing & Validation tools o Rational Pure coverage o Rational Quantifier o Rational Purify o Win Runner o Perfmon o Load Runner o Manual logging Configuration Tools o Rational Clear Case o MS Team Foundation Server o MS Visual Source safe o Bugzilla, CVS o Telelogic - CM Change Synergy Packaging Tools o MSI SDK, ORCA Editor. o Install Shield versions * Professional 6.3, Developer 8.0, InstallShield X * InstallShield 10.5 MSI and Universal. * InstallShield 11 MSI and Universal. * InstallShield 11.5 MSI and Universal. o Microsoft .NET setup creation wizard. Deployment o User Manual o Maintaince and Support o Support at client place, o Support by Internet media and by telephone. Resume: Raise Solutions (earlier MavinMinds) Profile Our Origin... The word "MAVIN" has roots in Hebrew and Yiddish and means "Expert" or "One who understands"... Our Claim... In this world of serious competition, everyone claims to provide value for money, so do we! Then why are we here? What is that we can do differently so that you turn back to us the second time? Yes, we have answers to these... Our Base... 'MavinMinds' as a company is purely based on learning and earning; where 'learning' is never limited to what we currently do, but on the contrary it strives to get more on what we are 'not' today and what we should be tomorrow. Yes, we are here to earn profit, but not alone; for us, profit is not only monetary, it is all about earning money, earning growth, earning confidence and above all earning a place in the horizon of respect. We do believe firmly in getting into insight of individual needs and expectations and are more than happy in bending ourselves to benefit everyone. We strive for extending the 'Facilitator Sharing' pattern, where in nobody works for anybody, but everybody works with everybody. Our philosophy Our philosophy is simple. 'Grow with the customer, strive to add value to the customer and keep our intellect intact'. To ensure that our technical expertise and past experiences are used effectively and efficiently, the direction of performing is controlled optimistically. We firmly believe in the global delivery model and use a mix of geographical spread of teams as and when required. The Intellect The foundation of MavinMinds is laid over the intellect of its team. The 'The Team' as it is fondly called is a concentrated mix of various domain and technical expertise gained by working over diverse technologies and multiple platforms. The Team believes that though the one's intellect is in individual's mind, but collectively it is sufficient enough to crack the toughest of nut. This is where the 'The Team's' varied experience factors in. MavinMinds firmly believes in the adage - 'Genius is an individual, but 'The Team' has to be Maven'. Our Work... * Writing and Thinking Software Solutions, both services and products. * Understanding and sharing beneficial ideas. Our confidence... * Domain Knowledge o Product Engineering * SaaS based web products * Mobile technology * OLEDB Providers * Network Solutions * CRM o Application Software * Logistics & Transportation * Pricing * Banking Application * Software Packaging * Technical competency o Methodologies * Waterfall * Prototypic * Extreme * Iterative o Design Base * Structural * Object Based * Object Oriented o Architecture * Client-Server * Web-Based * Standalone o Platforms * All Microsoft concepts * Embedded Linux * HP UNIX
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