Career Tracker

by SergeiShliakhtin

Automated scraping system. Runs on customer machine automatically in background every week and informs on results by e-mail. In addition there is the frontend to request an immediate update/view results. The idea is to scrape one major social network profiles to track changes in employee's companies and positions and store them in a database. The database stores each employees company and position and when somebody gets a promotion (or changes his company) this change is reflected in a DB so that both new and old positions are displayed. The time of company/position change is also remembered, so that only changes within a configured period are highlighted/reported. The Celery distributed task queue is used to settle the scraping process (which takes a long time due to large number of entries).

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About Me

My primary goal is to satisfy the needs of my client and to complete the project on time and on budget. Starting from scratch I will provide you with the full complete and stable solution. TensorFlow, scikit learn, numpy, pandas, Octave, MATLAB, PyQtGraph Python, Scrapy, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, MySQL, XML/XSL, HTML5/CSS, Apache, Passenger, Twill; C++, Qt, STL, bash, make/qmake; C#/.Net, Win32; GIT; 5 years of C++ experience, 6 years C# development, 2 years Python.

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