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World Edit

A leet programmer and young maths student.

Username: WorldEdit

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Location: Vancouver, Canada

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  • $120 USD
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    Jul 4, 2011

    Pleasure to work with! On time & On budget. Followed my specifications and met my needs of the project. Will definitely hire again!

    Project Description:We’re looking for an experienced Flash designer/developer to write tutorials for us. All content must be original and should not have been published elsewhere. We are paying you for unique, high-quality tutorials...
  • [Sealed]
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    Jun 28, 2011

    This guys is a talent.Will definitely hire again !!!Thanks.

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    Jun 20, 2011

    A++will hire again

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  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I want a simple application that focuses entirely on using data models and views to handle and present information.I’d like you to build a simple portfolio page where a number of projects are shown in a horizontal list consisting of pictures. With a button on each side if the horizontal list the user should be able to scroll the list to the left and to the right.When the user clicks on a project a larger view is shown above with a description of the project and the picture enlarged. For every project the detail view should show a big picture, a headline, a body and a button that opens an external URL in a new window.Please see the attached picture that shows how the application should look like.All project specific data should be loaded from an XML-file, for example with the same structure that is used in the following XML-document: regarding each project should be interpreted from XML and be saved in a data model (for example called ProjectData) and all instances of this data model be saved in a model data base. In total a minimum of at least three views is needed, more specifically a list view (one single instance), a view for the list elements (one instance per project in the list) and a detail view (one instance).I’ll provide you with the pictures and text that should be used. The communication within the application should be carried out in a good way where an event is dispatched when the user chooses a project in the list, and this event results in the detail view getting updated.I estimate that the project will take 3-4 hrs to complete, please tell me if you think this time will be very exceeded.Best regards!

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello! I have a new project for u. The project is almost finished, but it needs some small corrections and ajustments. Here"s what I need:1. The "Drone" should glide around the playfield without taking notice of the player, but right now it just stands still. So can u make it move around the playfield in various random directions, without taking notice of the player?2. The shots don"t disappear after they"ve left the playfield, instead they remain in the game (but outside the playfield) and slows down the game until everything moves so slow u have to restart the game. Can u make the shots that are outside of the playfield "die" and disappear, so that they can"t slow down the game?3. Right now the player gets chased by the Hunter regardless of how close the player is, when in fact it should start chasing the player when they are in a certain range of each other (i.e. when the Hunter "discovers" the player). Can u make the hunter start chase the player first when they are in a certain range of each other (for example 30 pixles)?4. I want to be able to pause/restart the game by pushing space on the keyboard. I have a function in the code that was intended do do this, but it doesn"t work, so please fix it so it works without problems (or delete it and create you own function instead, the only thing that matters is that that it starts working).5. Sometimes it"s difficult to restart the game (by clicking the "click to play again"-button on the gameover-screen) after the player has been hit by an enemy, could u fix this?6. Sometimes the score count bugs, mainly on the game over screen, it seems as if the score doesn"t have enough space, could u fix this as well?7. Right now an enemy can appear on the stage on top of the player, which means that the player "dies" and u have to restart the game. I want the enemys to appear on the stage at least 30 pixles from the player, so that he can"t get hit and die because an enemy was added on top of him. Ok, that"s all for now. I"ve estimated that these ajustments should take a couple of hours to fix, please let me know if u think they"ll take much longer.Hope to hear from u soon!Best regards!

  • $80 USD In Progress

    i want like this color pallet same color codes and can use flash or javascript and html preffer flash.this should be professional

  • £20 GBP In Progress

    Hi,I need to have a dynamic text area that has certain words highlighted. I have seen an AS class at which does the job, but I can"t get it to work. I need it to feed text/highlighted text into a movie clip that can be edited through the library. Completed fla file should be compatible with Adobe Flash CS5. I"m thinking that this is a very simple job, I"m just totally bored of trying to do it!!! Deadline = 3pm GMT 11/07/2011.Thanks

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I am in school lol

Mar 1900 - Apr 2012 (112 years)

Freelance, I have no stinking job lol.

I love school, I learn so much there. And freelance is my job right now :P


Mathematics/Computer Science



completed full course with private tutor

upflash flash training

Completed full course working with Flash and the AS3 language


Find the exit (flash game)


Game with shadow effects<br />

Neon Bounce


fun flash game with paddle and balls <br />

Pastel shooter


game that has been published all over the internet to game websites (do a search!)