"Frog and Toad" Review

by AceofCase
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My review of the musical "Frog and Toad" for Examiner.com

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I did not start pursuing my passion for writing as a profession until my senior year of college, but it has been a part of my life since I grabbed the family video camera during a grade-school summer and shot my first stop-motion film. My area of expertise is writing television screenplays, but I have written a film screenplay and several stage plays as well. As for non-fiction, I have written television reviews for my hometown newspaper, movie reviews on my own blog, and theatre reviews for Examiner.com. I am also very interested in writing novels and short stories, though I have not tried my hand at either yet. At the moment I am brand new to this site (and freelancing in general) so right now my rate is cheap, my excitement is high, and my pencil is sharp! Get in touch and hire me soon before I start charging what I am *really* worth ;)

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