Nortel (Contact Center Manager) protocol implementation

by ailiasol
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SatMap is an intelligent call routing system. On arrival of a call, it forwards the call to best agent by matching the caller demographics with of available agents. It can be attached as utility application (adjunct) to famous telephony switches (smart PBX). There needs a close association between SatMap and switch for efficient and fast communication and interfacing, which requires implementation of byte level protocols provided by vendor. This project requires making SatMap® compatible with Nortel switches by implementing Real-Time Statistic Multicast (RSM) Release 6.0 protocol for getting Agents Statistics, Host Data Exchange (HDX) Release 6.0 APIs for routing calls and Meridian Link Services Interface (MLS) Release 6.0 protocol for Call and Agent related messages. · C language (g /VC ) · FreeBSD/Windows · BSD Socket Programming

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