Paxfire Lookup Engine

by ailiasol
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PLE-System is a tool for ISPs to monitor the network traffic and redirects the address bar search traffic and DNS error traffic to monetize for network operators/ISPs. It behaves as transparent DNS query correcting system; it looks for the mistyped/non existing/forced redirect DNS queries and provides appropriate suggestions to the client (browser) by redirecting the client browser to landing page. Landing page collect feeds from different search providers and filter them to make it more relevant to the supplied domain name. System consists of 3 major components PLE, Profiler and Landing Page. · Team lead and lead developer of whole project · C language for PLE · Perl (CGI) for Profiler and Landing Page · Sys-V compatible, support on all flavors of Unix including Solaris (9 and 10) and various distributions of Linux (RHEL4/5 and CentOS4/5)

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