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About Me

We are a native French / English husband and wife team who have 7 years experience in writing and translation work, three of them as freelance. We have lived in six different countries and have personal and/or work experience in the following sectors; travel, DIY, renovation, stocks and shares, gardening, trusts and foundations, hotel and catering, children, family, animals, herbs and homeopathy, construction, IT, motorcycles and cars. As webmasters for over 10 years who create their own websites with all coding and graphics done by ourselves, we also know and use html, CGI, CSS, java and java script, Gif, JPEG and PDF. All websites we have created, either for ourselves or our clients, have appeared on the first page of Google and Yahoo search results in their relevant category with the SEO (metatags, submission etc&) done by ourselves. As advocates of open source we work with Open Office and Gimp as well as Microsoft Office and Paint Shop Pro/Photoshop. Our hobbies include watching films, reading books, listening to a wide range of music, drawing, writing, walking and creative design; in the garden, house and websites. We are currently renovating a large old house with a big garden in a tiny village in Bulgaria. Frédéric is Native French, bilingual English with English university qualifications, he lived in the UK for 2 years. Jeanette is Native English, bilingual French, an ESOL teacher who lived in France and French overseas departments for 14 years. We are also fluent in Spanish and speak Catalan and Bulgarian. Our wide experience and knowledge helps us create web content and articles (in English and French) of the highest quality; interesting and original with a high level of SEO. Our language abilities coupled with the fact that we NEVER outsource or use translation software ensure that our translation work is correct and precise and as we take great pride in our work, every project is double checked for translation discrepancies and grammar/spelling accuracy by two different people, ourselves! Our translation experience includes internet, documentary and website projects; general, legal, sales and technical. We have worked directly from PHP and html files and are presently learning Joomla. For further confirmation of our abilities please look at our reviews from our many satisfied buyers of which many have become regular clients who know they can count on us for high quality work produced within the time period specified and at a reasonable price. We are maybe not the cheapest or fastest but we are among the best you will find!

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