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CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: BULDUR CONSTANTIN Address: Republicii street Delia block, C entrance app. 33 Pucioasa - code 135400. Dâmbovi?a County - România Phone: 0040723476761 or 0040245760471 Fax: 0040245760471 E-mail: Nationality: Romanian Date of birth: July 25 th 1961 PROFFESIONAL EXPERIENCE I graduated the University of Petrosani, Hunedoara County in 1986, specialty - \"Processing and Recovery of Useful Minerals\" as process engineer with a wide range of applicability fields, from salt to coals. During the university courses, I worked in the field of research in processing of non-ferrous ores, gold silver ores, and rocks construction. After graduation, I trained the students for a period of few months in the University of Petrosani at discipline \"Mineralurgy\" - \"Elements for the processing of ores and rocks.\" Since graduation until now, I have carried out the following professional activities: 1) Since 2008 until now, I have worked as consultant and auditor for cement factories, lime, audits for greenhouse gases, having my own consultancy and audit company. I have also provided \"Consulting\" service in the field of process and management for cement factories, other projects in the field of \"Environmental Protection\" and I carried out audits on GGH (green gashouse) for different companies, according to European environment. 2) During the period March-July 2011, I worked in the management for the Al Badia Cement plant from Syria as quality manager. 3) I had collaboration for two years (2009-2011) as a Senior Adviser to the Council of the Dambovita County, where I coordinated projects of environmental protection, in particular projects of valorification renewable energy - potential of biomass and solar energy. 4) In 2006, I started working at \"UZINEXPORT\" where I worked both in the country (Romania) and on abroad, representing the company from the technical and commercial points of view in Iran, as the \"Area Manager\". While I stayed in the country, I prepared integrated documentation required on certification approach for Quality - Environment according to ISO 9001?i ISO 14001. 5) In S.C. \"CONSTRUCTII MUNTENIA\", I have been worked as EQMR (Environmental Quality Management Representative), in which I dealt with certification documentation for getting on integrated certification - environment and quality according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Period 2005, for 4 months. 6) Also in 2005, but for a short period, I worked at the cement plant \"Dewan Cement Group\" - from Pakistan. Here, I realized the commissioning, technical assistance, and optimization of operation of a technological line of 2000t/day. This was possible, because I was in database of the Romanian Company \"UZINEXPORT.\" 7) I worked for 3 months in Egypt in 2002 at the ,,Bene Suef,, cement factory as Assistant Manager - I attended at many equipment, commissioning from the following departments: \"Transport,\" \"Raw Material\" ,,Dosing and Mixing of Raw Materials\", \"Crushing\", \"Raw Materials\", \"Dedusting\", \"and Packing\". In June 2002, I finished work there because the cement factory was been privatized. I have developed different technical works and I have drafted, technical analysis, and surveillance of all technical activities. 8) I worked in the cement plant \"ROMCIF\" S.A. Fieni as Head of Department for the department - \"Sustainable Development and International Relations.\" I had in my responsibility: activity and development of cement plant in the new concept of sustainable development, (2000-2002). 9) In the period 1999-2000, I was in Egypt at the cement plant \"Asyut Cement Company (A.C.C.), where I carry out technical assistance. Here, we have trained Arabic staff, and the whole team of Romania had the mission to optimize of the entire technological process. In the last part of the contract, I was involved in the team of \"rehabilitation of the factory.\" Here, I had as a goal to improve the operating of the old equipment and machinery such as: bag filters, electrostatic precipitators, cement mills, crushers, conveyors, and fans. 10) Since 1991, I worked in the city of Fieni at a cement plant (ROMCIF S.A.) as a process engineer in the technical department, and then in the Department of \"Environmental Protection\" until 1998. After this, I was moved and tasked with coordination of the Department \"Marketing and Import-Export\" issues. 11) I worked in the coal industry for 5 years, in the period 1986-1991. I started the activity of process engineer in a dressing coal plant (from Coroe?ti Vulcan - Hunedoara) working as process engineer in all departments of plants such as: \"Loading Department and Reception\", \"Crushing Department\", \"Flotation Department\" and ,,Water Treatment Plants\", as Chief and general supervisor for the production of the plant. In this period, I commissioned a new dressing plant from Livezeni - Petro?ani that was near the Coroe?ti dressing plant. The total period of professional experience is over 25 years, working in the fields of: cement industry, environmental protection (audits and consulting in management systems certification), the coals dressing technologies, the research of ferrous and non-ferrous ores and of the renewable energies field. OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS WERE: 1. I have been involved in the management ensuring of a new cement factory of the Badia of Syria, where we had remarkable achievements, particularly with the introduction and implementation of quality assurance management and introducing the cement plant on local market and for export. 2. I have ensured the management of projects aimed at the ecological reconstruction by reforesting in Dambovita County, 2 projects for the valorification of renewable energy sources and a project, which used to local resources of biomass for heating energy supply of buildings in the Pucioasa town. 3. Coordination of a project for the construction of a cement plant with a capacity of 5000t/day in Egypt. The work was carried out in a Jordanian company with the Head Office in Amman on year 2008 in the position of \"Project Manager.\" The project envisaged the coordination in phases: design, production, delivery, installation, training, erection, and commissioning. 4. Carrying out audits for the greenhouse gas (GGH) effect, from the Romanian companies: OLTCHIM Râmnicu Valcea, UPSCOM Tg-Mures and SUGAR Oradea, PRESCON Brasov, SIMCOR VAR Tg. Jiu and CET G?VANA Pitesti. 5. Representation of the \"UZINEXPORT\" company from Bucharest in technical and commercial approach for cement plants in Iran 2006. 6. Commissioning and technical assistance of a cement producing line of 2000 t/day of \"Dewan Cement Group\" the cement plant - Pakistan 2005. 7. Quality - Environment Integrated Management. Consultancy in certification of S.C. CONSTRUCTII MUNTENIA S.A. 8. Commissioning of cement plant from \"Bene Suef \'\" - Egypt 2002. 9. I assured the technical assistance to the cement plant A.C.C (Asyut Cement Company) in Egypt 1999-2000. 10. I managed the work of environmental protection in S.C. ROMCIF S.A. cement plant Fieni 1994 -1997. 11. I have been involved in the concept of sustainable development - the cement plant changed the mentality on the protection of the environment. 12. I commissioned a coal dressing plant from Livezeni - Petrosani 1987. EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING ? The course of ,,Environmental Manager\" - Brasov - 1 week 2010. ? Auditor\'s course EMS (Environmental Management System) 14001 and Auditor - Environmental Protection - Sinaia April 2010 - 1 week. ? Project Management Course - Craiova 2009. - 1 month. ? The course for the ,,Environment laws applied authorized and doing of the significant impact against the environment.\" - Jupiter September 2009. ? Audit Course for Quality and Environment Assurance 2006 Sinaia - 1 week. \"SRAC BUCURESTI\". ? Management Courses - 2004 Pucioasa - 6 months. \"EUROCOR BUCURESTI\". ? ECDL (European Computers Driving License) - 2004 July Targoviste -3 months. ? Negotiations techniques - Fieni - 1998 - 1 month - January. ? Communication techniques - Fieni - 1998 - 1 month - January. ? Quality control - Fieni - 1998 - 1 month - August. ? Translator in Cement Industry - London - 1995 - 1 month - June. \"GROVE HOUSE LONDON\" ? English Commercial - London - 1995 - 1 month - June. \"GROVE HOUSE LONDON\". ? Computers operating training - Bucharest - 1993 - 1 month - March. ? Labor Protection - Petrosani - 1987 - 2 months. \"INSEMEX PETROSANI\". PERSONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES I have good skills of leader and organizer in the tasks of technical nature, good communicator, particularly in difficult situations. MOTHER LANGUAGE ROMANIAN OTHER LANGUAGES I speak fluent English and French at the medium level. ENGLISH ? The ability to read indicate level: excellent Level C2 ? Ability to write indicate level: excellent Level C2 ? The ability to speak ? The ability to read ? Ability to write ? The ability to speak indicate level: excellent Level C2 FRENCH Indicate: intermediate Level B1 Indicate: intermediate Level B1 Indicate: intermediate Level B1 SOCIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Teamwork is particularly important especially, in activities on abroad. It was emphasized, due to cohesion between the team members, and the need for continuous and intensive communication. ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES For the position of project manager, I have proven skills in planning, identification of critical issues, communication and financial approach, elements that project manager position involves it. List of jobs: a) 2010-2011 I work within my own company, which has as object of activity: consultancy services for cement, lime and asphalt plants, audits for environmental protection and greenhouse gases, and realization of diagnoses in cement, lime, and asphalt. b) 2008-2010 - County Council from Dambovita - manager of environmental projects. c) Since 2008, I have done the audits of environment for different companies, concerning monitoring of the GGH\',s emissions, having my own company. It was and it is Technical Assistance as expert and auditor for environment protection field and I cooperated with the ,,SRAC CERT\" company. d) \"UZINEXPORT S.A.\" - company specialized in delivery of process equipment and technical assistance in cement and metallurgy industry. e) \"CONSTRUCTII MUNTENIA S.A.\" - company specialized in rehabilitation and construction of the roads. I managed 8 people. I was as QEM Quality - Environment Manager. f) \"ROMCIF\" Fieni Cement plant Fieni. 1991 September -2002 June. I had in my responsibility between 4 to 10 people. I worked also, in Egypt. I was attached temporarily to another cement plant. (A.C.C. and \"BeneSuef\"). g) \"U.P.C.C. Coroesti\" - The coal dressing plant Coroesti - Vulcan - 1986-1991. I had in my responsibility between 5 to 35 people. After I have obtained the certificate of auditor, I carried out the audits, for different companies, on the greenhouse gas effect (GGH) and environmental in accordance with EN 589/2007 and ISO 14001. I had concerns for research, in this context getting the PhD. in the field of cement industry, correlate with that of the protection of the environment. After working at the high school, I trained in Fieni at the following subjects: \"Technical Drawing,\" \"Computer Operation,\" \"Cement manufacturing\", \"Safety\" and \"Bases of Organization\". I can work very well in \"Word\", \"Excel\", \"Trasis,\" \"Outlook,\" \"Power point,\" \"Access,\" \"Internet Explorer\" and \"Microsoft Project\". I have done a lot of work, projects, diagrams, reports, and small programs in \"Excel.\" I acquired training on the computer during in spare time. I acquired the qualification of Director at the school of fine arts, from Petro?ani in 1978. DRIVING LICENSE I have category B driving license since 1991. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION I am attracted for leisure activities like: reading, travel, music, and sports: swimming, as and ground tennis. I wrote a book with the title: \"The operator book\'s from the coals dressing\" and emerging book with the title: \"The cement and the Environment.\" I obtained the title of doctor (PhD) in Engineering Sciences \"field\" \"Industrial Engineering\" on April 2007 with the thesis: \"Research on the improvement of process solutions applicable to systems of control of limestone dust.\" It has been written articles, published in \"Mines Magazine\" in number of 4, an article published in the International Multidisciplinary Symposium in 2006 from Petrosani, and a lecture presented to Tehran at the IV th International Conference of Cement. The articles written there are as follows: 1. \"Natural resources and economic development,\" - 2005. 2. \"Romanian Specialist and work on abroad\"- 2006. 3. \"Performance System to combat dust-filter type GF 03 .- 2006. 4. \"New concept in technology dust dedusting and raw materials\" (2006). 5. \"New dedusting solutions for all kinds of raw materials of cement industry - 2006. Lecture held in Tehran on the occasion of the IV th Cement International Conference\". 6. Commissioning - of a grinding system of cement. I am member of Engineers General Association from Romania. REFERENCES I have references and characterizations from: -Mr. Miguel Estrada - Director of cement from ,,Egypt A.C.C\". -Mr. Radulescu Anton ,,S.C. ROMCIF S.A. Fieni\", Romania -Mr. Abdus Sattar from cement factory \"Dewan Cement Group\"-Pakistan -Mr. Majid Sadighipour from company \"Mehan\" in Iran. 29.08.2012.
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1) Since 2008 until now, I have worked as consultant and auditor for cement factories, lime, audits for greenhouse gases, having my own consultancy and audit company. I have also provided "Consulting" service in the field of process and management for cement factories, other projects in the field of "Environmental Protection" and I carried out audits on GGH (green gashouse) for different companies, according to European environment. 2) During the period March-July 2011, I worked in



1981 - 1986 (5 years)


The course of ,,Environmental Manager" - Brasov - 1 week 2010. ? Auditor's course EMS (Environmental Management System) 14001 and Auditor - Environmental Protection - Sinaia April 2010 - 1 week. ? Project Management Course - Craiova 2009. - (2001)


1. "Natural resources and economic development," - 2005. 2. "Romanian Specialist and work on abroad"- 2006. 3. "Performance System to combat dust-filter type GF 03 .- 2006. 4. "New concept in technology dust dedustin


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