Passion Fire

by cubemaster27
Passion Fire

was inspired to create this after playing Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. It is a slightly older design now that Skyrim is out, but I think it's a good representation how the Planes of Oblivion look. 37 layers were used and this whole photo edit took no less than eight hours to complete.

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About Me

I am a twenty-three year old freelance designer/web developer residing in Mesa, Arizona. I have five years real-world experience under my belt. This site was designed entirely from scratch using Dreamweaver and CSS. I have been doing graphic design since 2005 and it makes me smile to tell people that "I love what I do", and in the end I hope my work shows that. I am rather skilled. Well versed in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash, XHTML, and CSS. I try to learn new skills everyday and I am so passionate about my work that I won't give up until I am fully satisfied with the outcome. I am available for freelance work and will be excited to work on your project!

$10 USD/hr