Character Design

by DigitalFantasy

Power suit design - Concept done for personal work - 9 Hours painting

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About Me

[login to view URL] I always had something more to enjoyed surfing the boundless worlds of animations and video games. I was born in Colombia, there I grew up in a small neighbourhood in the south-east of Bogota back in 1989. At my early age I got interesting on art and most of my free time, I was drawing images from cartoons and animations; always letting the creativity take over me. My artistic seeking grew even more with the following years, then I went to High School, where I found different people who had same interest as me, so by the age of 14 went to Art School and learn the foundations of drawing and airbrushing with traditional media. I spent the next following 3 years working in this area, until I moved to Australia, my home town for the next following years. At that time I couldn't afford to work in traditional art, so my passion for video games, and digital art became a very interesting way to, work it. After two years of practising , and changing my traditional art skill to a digital media, I reached to a point where my portfolio was good enough, the was time for me to joined the game industry. I started to worked as a freelancer, doing concept art for different clients. The time went by and my experience grew with over the years, then I had the opportunity joined in Vostu. A social game developing company, based in Buenos Aires. I worked there for about a year doing different series of concept art, and digital painting for some of their games. I also helped to searched the style and aesthetic, for some of their projects. As I developed my artistic skills over the years, my passion for the CG industry has not only filled my imagination and creativity, but also the desire to share it with other artists. It is my great pleasure to be inspired by so many passionate and talented artists around the world, and someday I hope to become someone as good as them.

$20 USD/hr