CellAgain - Visual Identity

by dmaillard

Designing a logo can be a tremendous task especially when you’re doing it for a large organisation with various departments involved. One of the good ways I personally found, is illustrated here, you can see that it was starting with a broad range of suggestions and then refined along the way to reach a final version. A nice thing is to always have a logo presented in diverse situations as I don’t expect business owners to be Photoshop experts nor to have a crystal ball.

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About Me

Experienced WordPress Developer over 15+ years experience. I make complete websites to any design and also can update older websites for SEO, page speed, and new designs. Fast turnaround and reasonable rates. I work mostly in WordPress, which means I know how to use it, and how to make it work in unique ways. I’ve built sites across many themes with many different purposes, needs and audiences. I'm a WP Elevation member and am comfortable with WordPress development, customizations and tweaks. I also use visual drag and drop web builder so that you can continue to maintain your website easily. I can be hired for small tweaks, to take your copy and assets and create a site, or to do the whole thing from soup to nuts. My communication skills make me particularly suited to tell a story across a site and organize content effectively and strategically. Thank you and look forward to working with you ❤️ PS. I speak fluent English, French and Portuguese

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