Downtown Sacramento

by dmaillard

When the Downtown Sacramento Partnership called me after a full year of silence, it was nothing I could expect. They had launched their website to the market with great success and faced a tricky challenge: avg. 250 visitors per minute over the last 12 hours and climbing. Their web sever was literally dying, unable to serve that volume. Their web host simply suggested to upgrade their dedicated server, issue not resolved. The Mission: Fix the problem ASAP. Solution: I jumped straight into that project, scaled down their web server and deployed a front-end caching by Amazon Web Services CloudFront, back-end caching by Varnish and some other ingredients in the secret sauce! Result: After a couple hours of intense and challenging work, their website was back to business, serving webpages under 2 seconds for both registered and non-registered users.

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About Me

Experienced WordPress Developer over 15+ years experience. I make complete websites to any design and also can update older websites for SEO, page speed, and new designs. Fast turnaround and reasonable rates. I work mostly in WordPress, which means I know how to use it, and how to make it work in unique ways. I’ve built sites across many themes with many different purposes, needs and audiences. I'm a WP Elevation member and am comfortable with WordPress development, customizations and tweaks. I also use visual drag and drop web builder so that you can continue to maintain your website easily. I can be hired for small tweaks, to take your copy and assets and create a site, or to do the whole thing from soup to nuts. My communication skills make me particularly suited to tell a story across a site and organize content effectively and strategically. Thank you and look forward to working with you ❤️ PS. I speak fluent English, French and Portuguese

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