Linux Control Panel

by em4m

Linux Control Panel is a remote administration-automation tool that me and my team created as our graduation project. The project consists of two components: 1) Server component: The smart service that automates system configuration. 2) Graphical Desktop Client: The front-end that the user uses to connect to the server through network, and configure his server in an easy way. Linux Control Panel is written in Python and uses Qt, PyQt, RPyC, Augeas libraries. It's open-source and hosted on Google Code.

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About Me

I have been working as a Web Developer using Python and Django. Mostly experienced in back-end programming with experience in using Non-Relational Databases (NoSQL) for building scalable solutions and deploying on the Cloud. I'm a Linux geek, I've been using Linux since 2005 and I have a very good experience in software development under Linux/Unix, Linux Administration, Configuration and Shell Scripting. I'm interested in Cloud Computing, I used both VMware's Cloud Foundry and Amazon's EC2 for deploying highly-scalable solutions. I also contributed to Cloud Foundry project on Git Hub. I always use Revision Control Systems, mostly Git and Mercurial, but I also use SVN. I also have some experience in these technologies: Java MySQL, Oracle and SQLite Database Qt/PyQt GUI library iPhone and Android development

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