Project "Reporter"

by enahmedmk

Problem: We as developers have to get the max out of logging to be able to debug and fix errors in our work, but most of the time extracting something useful from log files is a pain, and we have to either parse these files manually or write some piece of software to parse it. Solution: I've written a piece of software for me and other developers that aim to extract the useful and meaningful info out of code errors from the very beginning and save these info into much easier to read files like JSON, Yaml or XML so we can focus on the critical mission to deliver a better solution for our clients.

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About Me

I'm a Full-Stack JavaScript/TypeScript developer with more than 4 years of well-rounded experience. I'm very comfortable working with Node.js, React, and Angular but in case your project needed some specific language/stack/framework, I can pick it up on the go. ➡️ TL;DR Why choose me over other freelancers? ? ✅ I'm a full-time freelancer which means you'll find me almost 24/7 online and ready to work. ✅ I focus on providing VALUE to all of my clients and earn their TRUST. ✅ I won't just get the job done, but I'll suggest improvements once I spot any. ✅ I'm extremely responsive and always keeping all lines of communication readily open with my Clients. I encourage you to take a look at my work history and feedback to see what other clients say about the type of work and value that I'm able to deliver to your project. ?‍?

$45 USD/hr