Case+GPS breakout GPS device (GTPA010)

by eried

Time ago I searched a lot for tutorials or manuals how to make cases for projects. I had a LCD+touch assembly with 3 layers of PCBs and making the case was very hard for me (keeping all the 'virtual' positions of everything of the model) so I gave up that time. After I while I found that making a cuboid representation of your internals really help into making the case! any complex project can be represented by simple shapes and you just make the case on top! About the module: This is just a cheap GPS module from ebay, GTPA010. The datasheet describes 2 interfaces, but I bundled both in this board. Design:

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Hello! My name is Erwin and I am a civil computer engineer from Chile, if you have a challenge involving electronics, coding and/or mechanical stuff, contact me (better if it is fun and challenging!). I am especially interested on 3d printing, Arduino, C#, Windows, robots, embedded devices, Kinect, automation, tricks/cracks, math and all those goodness.

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