Data Centric Development Framework

by georgevgr

Through our experience on facing requirements while building data centric applications for clients, we found out that there are common used constructs and need for utilities. So we started gathering the tools and libraries we had built around, created new modules, classes and components and modified them so they could work together. Finally something came out of this; a development framework that could support almost all the base functionality we needed and the consistency we wanted our products to have. Our framework is a software development framework, fully object oriented and data centric, for the Delphi development environment that targets the Win32/64 platform and SQL RDBMS. It is designed for rapid application development and focuses on efficiency, usability and consistent functionality of the final product. more info:

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About Me

For more than 24 years, as a professional developer, i am building business applications for the Greek and foreign market. I have developed software for the most popular platforms (Dos, Windows, Internet/Intranets, IBM AS/400) and i have long time collaboration in application development with companies at leading position in information technology business such as IBM Hellas. Main areas of expertise are: * Software design and development * Software life cycle management * Software Architecture * User interaction design * Desktop and Client/Server software * Database driven applications and RDBMS design * Management Information systems * Data entry and mining processes I am particularly interested on developing software solutions, using Delphi and SQL Servers, for client/server, data mining, business intelligence and relational modeled applications. Some of the skills i possess: * Excellent understanding of business application * Broad knowledge of technical solutions * Excellent analysis and problem solving skills * Can design and code complex applications using advanced technology * Can create optimization programs to resolve problems * Can design and build prototype applications and * I am results oriented and self motivated I am always interested on new inspirational software projects.

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