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Globtier Solutions Inc. Company Profile INDEX Globtier’s Client Testimonials 3 1. COMPANY PROFILE 4 1.1. Globtier Vision, Mission and objectives 4 1.2. Services and Capabilities 4 1.3. Infrastructure 5 1.4. Skill Sets 5 1.5. Differentiators 6 1.6. Clientele 6 1.7. Value Proposition 7 2. PROCESSES 8 2.1. Standard Tools and Methodology 8 2.2. Standard Reporting 9 2.3. Documentation 9 2.4. Training 10 3. QUALITY 10 3.1. Quality Assurance 10 3.2. Quality and Customer Satisfaction Programs 10 4. SECURITY 11 4.1. Confidentiality Control 11 4.2. Non-Disclosure Agreement 12 Globtier’s Client Testimonials “E-commerce and online shopping are designed to maximize revenue and increase profits. Customers that select our products are y-generation and web-savvy. Globtier has expanded our market by giving our Website a fresh, attractive and aesthetic looks. I strongly recommend Globtier for IT outsourcing.” Varun Gupta, [login to view URL] “Globtier paid attention to my deadlines throughout the project…they did an excellent HTML graphic design of the site that was completely unexpected….Each time the prices were reasonable and the work completed on time” Lee Montz, Energy Today. "We see Globtier as a key strategic partner for the delivery of our e-Business transformation vision, in terms of providing the expertise, commitment to quality and the skilled resources that will allow us to deliver these solutions in the time frame that we need." Nitin Bist, LK Cancer Institute. “Globtier has expertise all over the world that we're able to tap into. The ability to take specifications and business requirements back to a development team and provide quality working solutions absolutely error free, has astounded me." Prabhat, Hughes Software System. “Your team worked meticulously...meeting the schedule challenge and exceeding our expectations on more than one occasion...the resources you brought to bear, both on and offshore, have been sound in their skills and exemplary in their dedication to completing the task on schedule." Allan Tandon, [login to view URL] 1. COMPANY PROFILE 1.1. Globtier Vision, Mission and objectives Globtier Solutions Inc. is incorporated in New Jersey, USA with three objectives in mind. · Deliver High Quality IT Application. · Always exceed the criteria of customer satisfaction · Always beat the deadline Globtier has been focusing in developing end-to-end e-business applications, interactive websites, and system application. Globtier has developed professional competence in delivering software solutions using Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, SAP, BEA, IBM and Open Source Products. Globtier is owned and managed by a team of business professionals and technocrats, who have global experiences of harnessing people and technology in the business process. The technical depth of Globtier' s veteran management team is unique in Information Technology, thereby ensuring outstanding performance, reliable service and creative solutions for your business needs. Globtier's mission is to deliver cost-effective IT services with adherence to time and quality factors. 1.2. Services and Capabilities Globtier services include establishing dedicated offshore software development centers, software development, maintenance and re-engineering. · Application Software Development - Globtier’s turnkey on-site/offshore development program allows the client to offload either all or a portion of the project development to Globtier’s team of specialist consultants. At Globtier we provide turnkey software development on Time & Material basis. This may involve the development of new applications or new functions for existing software applications. Each development project typically involves all aspects of the software development process, including prototyping, design, pilots, programming, testing, installation and maintenance. · Web Design & Animation – We provide web design and animation services for your systems. We do have highly skilled graphic designers, animators, web developers, and art specialists to create creative and interactive Website and logo. The websites designed by us have instant visual impact, nice graphics, animation in flash, neat layouts, and easy navigation. · Supplemental Staffing -Globtier’s team of experienced consultants can offer their services for the entire project life cycle assignments or individual specialist skills to supplement the client’s own project team. This program allows the client to immediately add extensive experience to its team's knowledge base by utilizing the skills of Globtier consultants for a portion of, or the duration of the project. By having an experienced consultant as part of the client’s team, the client realizes a substantial and immediate impact on its project productivity. · Offshore development centers (ODC)– Globtier has adapted the ODC model successfully with several clients. Our dedicated ODC'S have become an integral part of our clients operation where a permanent team of engineers having the desired expertise and experience are allocated to meet the clients’ needs. By focusing on a single client over an extended time frame, the dedicated ODC team gains a deeper understanding of the client’s business and technology and can begin to function as a virtual extension of the client’s software team. · Test lab facility- Consists of up to 60 machines, with various operating systems. Utilized by various projects in any possible way. Apart from this there are 60 user machines, which are also utilized for testing. Several Linux boxes, all Windows operating systems and a handful of Macintosh machines are also used. High and low end machines are both used to rate performance levels of the products under development. 1.3. Infrastructure We are fully equipped with the latest available hardware and software supporting our development platforms. We have 120 IBM PC compatible workstations, and 30 Sun Solaris, Windows NT and Linux Servers. Internet Connectivity is obtained through two 1MBPS lease lines (Radio link) from 2 different ISP’s allowing us to work closely with our clients without communication breakdown. All the servers and workstations are backed by quality UPS systems; a powerful generator backs the entire infrastructure itself in the eventuality of a power breakdown. 1.4. Skill Sets Our success is built upon a pool of software professionals experienced in a variety of latest technologies, processes, paradigms and tools. Platforms: MS Win XP/NT/95/98/ME/2000, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, HP, Macintosh Web Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP, J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets), CGI-Perl, ISAPI, PHP, Cold Fusion. Application Servers: MTS, MS Commerce Server, Weblogic, Broadvision, Websphere, Jboss. XML-based Technologies: Web Services, UDDI, SOAP, DOM/SAX Parsers, XSLT, SOAP, webMethods Integration Server, BizTalk. Web Platforms: MS IIS, Apache, Tomcat, Cocoon, JRun, Iplanet, Java Web Server. Databases: Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL, MS Access, Sybase. Browser Client Side Scripting Technologies: HTML, DHTML, Javascript, VBScript, CSS. Graphic & Design : Illustrator, Photoshop, ImageReady, Dimensions, ImageStyler, FrameMaker, Acrobat, GoLive, Streamline, AfterFX, Premier, PageMaker, PageMill, LiveMotion, Dreamweaver, UltraDev, Flash, FreeHand, Fireworks, Authorware, AutoCAD, QuarkXPress, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw. Wireless Technologies: WAP, WML, J2ME. Collaboration/Messaging Technologies: CDO, ADO, MAPI, JMS. Languages/Tools: C#, VB.NET, C, C++, MFC, JAVA, Swing, Visual Basic. Development Tools: Eclipse, Visual [login to view URL], TogetherJ, JBuilder, Macromedia tools. Object Oriented Design Methodologies/Tools: UML, Rational Rose, Visio, GDPro. Version Control/Tracking Systems: Visual SourceSafe, CVS, StarTeam, ClearCase, TestTrack Pro, FileMaker Pro, Bugzilla, Element Tool, PVCS Defect Tracking Tool, PVCS Version Control. QA Tools: JProbe, Jmeter, SilkTest, JUnit, WinRunner, LoadRunner, BoundsChecker, Purify, Test Director, Rational Robot. 1.5. Differentiators In this highly competitive offshore segment, we stand out as a leading cost-effective solutions provider, and offer our clients the following benefits: Cost Savings: Globtier has a highly competitive pricing structure. We offer competitive rates while being second to none in our domain of expertise. Our unique low flat pricing scheme has been designed to attract long-term relationships. Speed: Timing is of utmost importance in an industry where effective responsiveness gives you a cutting edge over your competitors. Clients can make optimum utilization of the ready infrastructure, a rich portfolio of reusable modular frameworks to jump-start its projects. This substantially shortens lead times for project start-up. Our experience in interacting over the electronic workspace ensures perfect coordination between various project teams and the client. Our track record is testimony to complex projects delivered within and even before schedule. Quality: Our Quality Assurance process has been modeled to allow continuous improvement of processes and delivery of defect free software. Our transparent approach allows you ready online access to the QA system and tracks the quality status of the project throughout the software development cycle. Expertise: Our skilled team of project managers and software engineers trained locally and overseas are quick to embrace new technologies to keep pace with increasingly complex and dynamic requirements. 1.6. Clientele 1. My Energy Today. 2. Dress In vogue. 3. Party Time Formals. 4. [login to view URL]. 5. Telcordia. 6. 24/7 Media Inc. 7. Lucent technology. 8. Hughes software systems. 9. Citigroup Singapore. 10. Citigroup India. 11. [login to view URL]. 12. [login to view URL] 1.7. Value Proposition Globtier’s experience enables it to be in a position to help its clients deliver their projects efficiently, on time and within budget. Globtier’s value proposition are attributed in the following key areas: · Ability to fully understand the client’s requirements and technical environment · Close communication with clients · Ability to respond immediately and effectively to clients · Extensively screened candidates for technical consulting teams · Core team of expertise available for customer damage control and specialist ad-hoc consulting · Internal technical support system for on-site consultants · Low consultant turnover rate, which avoids mid-project personnel changes · Comprehensive internal employee training program · Ability to provide clients with complete consulting and training packages at all levels · Internal library of technical programs, procedures, etc. available to all Globtier consultants · Dedicated technical consulting and training divisions within Globtier Globtier’s experience indicates that the primary keys to having a successful alliance relationship are regular communication, integrity, professionalism and reliability. Globtier has been built with these key foundation areas. This company mandate, along with strong business ethics, has produced a growing list of successfully implemented projects and satisfied Fortune 500 clients. 2. PROCESSES 2.1. Standard Tools and Methodology Globtier uses the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for all its projects but is flexible to changing its methodology to adapt to the methodology specified by the client. As regards the methodologies Globtier uses the waterfall, iterative and RAD methodologies depending on the clients’ requirements. Some of the modeling tools used at Globtier are Proxy Designer, Visio, Eclipse, ERWIN, Rational Lifecycle tools that encompass the RUP (Rational Unified Process), MS Development Studio. Enlisted below are the various software development phases and the tools used for each phase. · Requirements definition For the requirements definition phase, we use Rational Requisite Pro. Use Case Diagrams and Visio diagrams are also used to prepare the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document. · Design Rational Rose and GDPro. · Data Modeling Rational Rose and Visio. · Construction/ Implementation Depending upon the language that is used for coding, the tools for this phase are decided. At Globtier for most of the projects we use Microsoft Visual [login to view URL], Adobe Graphic Design Tools, Macromedia Tools, Eclipse, TogetherJ etc.. · Testing Testing at Globtier is conducted at three stages: 1. At the Unit level Testing, the tools like Junit, Rational Purify, JProbe are used to address the memory related issues. 2. At the Functional level, testing the Automated testing tools like Win Runner, Rational Robot, and Silk Test are used. 3. At the Performance level testing, the Automated testing tools like Load Runner and Rational Load Test are used. Test Track Pro and Clear Quest are used for Defect Tracking. · Peer Review Collaboration Senior Architects at Globtier do the design reviews and the Systems Analysts do the code reviews. · Version Control/ Configuration Management Visual Source Safe (VSS), CVS, Clear Case (UCM) are used for configuration management. · Project Management Microsoft Project, Online Project Tracking [[login to view URL]]. · Customer Documentation Microsoft Word, Corel. · Customer Training. Videos, PowerPoint presentations are used. 2.2. Standard Reporting Enlisted below are the standard project reports provided at Globtier and the format used for each report. · Statement of Work Word documents and power point presentations supported with Visio diagrams, giving the detailed description of the tasks on the project. · Requirements Definition Word Document containing the detailed description of each functionality (requirement) along with Use Case diagrams (UML). · System Design Specification Word Document describing the approach and also Rose models along with Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, JD Pro etc. · Project Status Online Project Tracking [[login to view URL]], Microsoft Project, Status reports in MS project extracts, Word/Excel Format. · Change Request. Word Document/Excel Sheet, Caliber, UCM from Rational. 2.3. Documentation Globtier provides Customer Support Documents, User Manual, Production Support, Production Implementation, Construction Notes, Deployment Documents and Integration Test Plans. 2.4. Training Globtier lays an emphasis on training programs and a robust infrastructure to facilitate performance and guarantee results. These training programs are provided to the internal IT staff as well as the external customers. We have specialized training programs to provide training to the IT staff as well as the Production Support staff of the client. Power Point presentations, training documents and user manuals form the basis of the training provided to the client’s support staff. At the end of the training sessions, there are feedback sessions to clarify all doubts. Globtier staff gives a continuous support to the production support staff of the client, till the entire functionality of the project is clear to them and all doubts are clarified. In our endeavor to enhance employee skills, training plans are prepared and executed. These training sessions help to mentor the skills of the employees and also contribute to the progress/benefit of the project. The schedule of the project is kept upfront, during the preparation of the training plan so as to avoid any dilution of the project interest. Training is also provided to client for the product deployed at their site, at the offshore development center as well as onsite. Incase of training being conducted at the client’s end infrastructure and expenses of the trainer are borne by the client. An agreed number of training material such as user manuals, administrator manuals etc. are prepared and given to the client up to an agreed number as part of project delivery. 3. QUALITY 3.1. Quality Assurance Globtier follows the acceptance test implemented by the client for approval of the project. Prior to the acceptance testing there is unit testing carried out by the developers, which is followed by an integration testing carried out by the quality assurance engineers. Our transparent approach allows you ready online access to the QA system and tracks the quality status of the project throughout the software development life cycle. 3.2. Quality and Customer Satisfaction Programs Total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction programs is the key factor for the success of any organization. Globtier ensures quality of the deliverables through its "Quality assurance" and "Quality control" programs. For every project Globtier undertakes, Quality plans are prepared at the beginning of the project. These plans outline all the activities required to be performed to meet the quality objectives from customer perspective. The respective Project leaders are responsible to ensure that all quality system procedures / standards applicable for the project are followed, and all the reviews and tests are planned and conducted. Depending on the size of the project one or more members known as "QA rep" may be assigned to help in properly carrying out this responsibility. The following activities are involved in quality management program: Compliance to applicable Standards/Guidelines Preparation of Quality plan Preparation of Test plans and assessment of test coverage Preparation of Test cases Approval of plans and test cases Problem recording and resolution Necessary focus on measures of quality A continuous quality performance is measured in terms of : Number of reviews and inspections conducted Number of errors detected and Phase of detection Number of customer complaints Number of NC ( Non Conformance) reported during audit Globtier has established well-defined processes for undertaking offshore development projects. We strive to work within pre-determined timelines and set identifiable goals to eliminate the guesswork from the final product. For every project undertaken by Globtier, the engineering and production teams ensure that all steps of a systematic "Software Development Life Cycle" are closely followed before undertaking actual coding and testing (in the practical framework of project requirements). Such steps include strict adherence to time-tested software engineering principles outlined below: § Writing detailed functional and design specifications. Developing prototypes (wherever required) § Getting customer feedback on the specifications as well as the prototypes before starting actual product development § Detailed time estimates § Software architectural design § Resource allocation § Task break up § QA scheduled releases § QA test plans § Well-documented user, administrator, and installation guides. 4. SECURITY 4.1. Confidentiality Control We understand, that as members of an ODC work in an extended "Wing" of the client’s organization, our engineers would be privy to a lot of company confidential information of the client. Hence it is mandatory for each member of Globtier team to enter into a formal agreement of non-disclosure signed up with the client. As a policy, due importance to client confidentiality is given and there are a set of well-established procedures ensuring security at Globtier premises. Over and above, we take special care to evaluate the value system and integrity of an individual while recruiting in Globtier and also while allocating for any client’s Offshore Development Center. All employees have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Globtier. This prevents any unauthorized use of Client's source code or any other information. Under this Agreement, any computer program (including source code, object code and listings) or other work of authorship developed by Globtier, all intermediate and partial versions thereof, as well as, all program materials, flow charts, notes, reports, documentation, outlines, customer lists and the like created in connection with the clients' project, including any formulae, processes, algorithms, ideas and other information not generally known to the public, whether or not protected by copyright, and developed or generated by the contractor in the course of performance also known as "Trade Secrets.” will be owned by the Client. In addition to the above, Globtier has in place adequate security measures to prevent any attempt to access, modify or disclose any client confidential data. Internally, we have a robust infrastructure incorporating state of the art security features, such as firewalls, virtual private networks between Globtier and client facilities, anti-virus systems, round the clock security. 4.2. Non-Disclosure Agreement To ensure a mutually beneficial long-term relationship, Globtier undertakes to protect the clients' interests. At the onset of each project a non-disclosure agreement satisfying the requirements is established. This ensures lawful protection of the clients' proprietary source codes, ideas, etc. To allay any security concerns, necessary additional safeguards such as non-conflict of interest agreements are executed.
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