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Dear Recruiter and the University Board: Hello to you! My name is Gary Beers, and I am herein applying for your open position as professor to your humanities and or social science department/s. This cover letter to you today is being utilized to demonstrate my proficient ability to communicate effectively in the English language. I have an indefatigable desire to teach on the college level; full-time, particularly, Online. I have enclosed my resume, along with pertinent biographical information of me, all for your perusal and consideration. If you may not find me a fit for me in a specific position or program of interest; I would be interested in teaching English or creative writing. Before discussing my human service interests in your agency or firm, I must state the successes I have experienced as a renowned published writer. I am a novelist, playwright, poet, and children book writer. I have written some fifty-seven (57) literary works of which ten new childrens books are to reach publication by December 2012. I possess over twenty-five years' experience in publishing such works in many respective genre forms. I have sold more than 300,000,000 (million) paperbacks, and E-books worldwide! I continue to be inspired by friends and family to write and publish my diversified literary contributions. I have recently acquired my master's degree of the humanities and have nearly completed my master's degree of forensic psychology (just shy of ten (10) credits). I have had the privilege of carrying a straight four point zero (GPA 4.0) average while attending graduate school. I am the recipient of the 1995 National Social Science Award. Acquiring such an honor is remarkable to my person since only seven (7) are awarded annually to social science students in America! You will discover and be pleased to know of my extensive human service provider management experience in working with the developmentally and physically disabled persons aged two-years to that of ninety-four years. Also, I possess a vast amount of tenure working with the mentally ill population. Furthermore, I have extensive experience and the unique expertise of clinical mental health models and its various applications. I also have taught my very own "Manuscript-to-Book" course with much a due success at the State University of New York. Of the fifty-two students to take the c ourse, per se, in one given semester; forty-six of these students either got published, professionally, or had their completed manuscript considered for publication at a tier-four publishing firm of their choice. This course was truly a huge success! I am in receipt of my business and marketing bachelor's degree. I am a commissioned New York State Notary Public, and, in addition, I possess a paralegal certificate specializing in wills, trusts, probate and estates, which is usable in all 50 states. I am familiar with most U.S. Civil and Penal Codes. Inasmuch as I have a museful and comprehensive understanding of the U.S. Constitution and its applicability to the former and latter laws. Insomuch as my having a vast understanding of state and federal laws pertinent to your non-profit and for-profit human service agency; along with general business practices, I bring with me an array of diversified experience sure to please you! I think you may be satisfied in my inquiring for an interview regarding the position currently open at your institution. I truly have much insight, invaluable pertinent experience and relevant education to offer you and the students. Such will be afforded by me with no reticence to your agency's policy, said goals, and mission statement---"one of me to bring forward a positive and progressive development desired of your institution!" My classroom and business management styles can be adjusted to all academic and business situations. I am an "immediate-problem solver" with being able to function with my students and or teams in a manner consistent with being productive and group-dynamically oriented that will give the results you seek, most effectively. With this being said, such will ultimately enable me to promote the moral health of staff and students to optimal levels---such undoubtedly to avoid the costs of "high-turnover" by either group! I hope to hear from you! Gary Beers Curricular Vitae and Biography with Portfolio Objective: To obtain pertinent work with my utilizing the desired outcomes that can aid my to demonstrate the positive social change that will make a difference in our world. Skills Author, playwright, poet, children's book writer, social scientist, researcher, and educator. I am also the inventor of a psychological personality inventory; The Beers Personality Stability Inventory (B.P.S.I.). Experience / Education Publish America, LLLP, / P.O. Box 151 Frederick, MD 21705 10 / 2004 - present Novelist, Playwright, Poet, & Children's Book Writer I am a published, professional writer of some forty-seven (47) literary works---encompassing multiple genres. I have sold 310,000,000 million copies of my paperbacks and E-books to the day. Founder / Executive Director Golden Vintage Productions Co. 222 State Route 143, Westerlo, NY 12193 3 / 1988 - Current I am the founder and executive director of this nonprofit, supportive organization to which we serve the underserved living in urban communities throughout New York and who experience poverty and disease. This social service agency develops schemas in regard to writing play scripts and producing such for a wide array of communities as nonprofit shows that ultimately donate the proceeds of its shows to giving organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, The Boys & Girls Club of North America, Aids Related Community Services of New York, and many other noteworthy organizations serving the needs of the less fortunate and underserved populations in of the many cultures and subcultures of persons in need of education, healthcare, and supportive apartment assistance living environment in the multitude of New York's various communities. Jumpstart Advanced Academics & Daycare, INC., 72 Warring Place, Suite 13 3 / 2004 - 4 / 2005 New York State Licensed Daycare Center Director / Asst. Ex. Director I was responsible for the entire infrastructure of the operations concerning the daycare, after school programs, day camps and sleepovers. I oversaw two special education teachers, with three additional teachers augmenting the former and latter grades of Pre-K through the 10th. Grade Pupils. Additionally, I was responsible for 213 school-age children in all programs and facilities, along with busing and security personnel. I wrote program and procedures and was responsible for the development of policy and Procedural implementation with all manuals designed of me for agency and company usage for personnel and our administration and the like. I was responsible for overseeing the social work staff and relevant case files, the nursing staff, and was responsible for the acquisition of multi-million dollar real estate deal that aided in the expansion of our business and fostered the promotion of employment throughout many departments. Along with the executive director, I aided marketing and advertisement and dealt face to face with parents, contractors, the Board of Education and its large embodiment of personnel, and pertinent personnel responsible for day to day operations of facilities within school and adjacent social programs in and around the community. I oversaw a multi-million dollar budget and aided in increasing profits in my first year by 32.9 %. Contracting of work and employee negotiations was handled by my person. Westchester Association for Retarded Citizens 104 Westmoreland Avenue, White Plains, New York 10601 3 / 1998 - 2 / 2004 Social / Intake worker / Mental Health Coordinator / Agency Investigator / Manager of Residences I started my career at WARC as an employment specialist to have worked six months in the agency's vocational division. As I continued to learn the many ropes of social work and applied program psychology, noticed of my supervisor was the useful inquisitiveness of my person that could be applied to the agency investigator position concerning issues of abuse and misconduct by agency staff or contractors. Later, I utilized my for profit management experience as a managing director when I applied and was interviewed and hired for the agency's residence manager senior position. In this role, I oversaw twenty-seven staff and was responsible for nearly seventy consumers and case files associated with consumers who were part of the Willow Brook era. I also dealt with consumer families and pertinent professionals and other programs that oversaw the consumers' ongoing care, education, medical, and social integration in the vast communities of many of the north-east's communities for these special citizens. The Viking Newspaper 95 Grasslands Road Valhalla, NY 10973 Managing Editor 1/91-5/95 Responsible for entire production and distribution of paper to 100,000 readers weekly. Latent Images, Inc. 22 Hastings Square Road, Hasting on Hudson, New York 10706 1 / 1990 - 3 / 1998 Managing Director I was responsible for the entire infrastructure of this for profit One Hour Photo Lab and its sister companies totaling four boutiques and one company in Rochester, New York. I reported directly to the owner and where I also oversaw twenty-two employees and a multi-million dollar budget. In my time here, I was personally responsible over seven years of a profit increased to the company with sales rising annually on average by 20% percent. Education, Research & Achievements Northcentral University Prescott, Arizona Ph.d. of Psychology Specialization: General Psychology Honors / President's List 1 / 2012 - current Alameda College (56 credits) M.S. in the Humanities Specialization: Counseling & Forensic Psychology Honors Graduate: Valedictorian Internship: Capstone Research Project 06 / 2004 - 01 / 2011 Alameda College (120 credits) B.A. of Behavioral Sciences Minor: Criminal Justice Honors Graduate: Valedictorian 1 / 2000 - 5 / 2004 Walden University (61 credits) 41 Exeter Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 12/2009 - 11 / 2011 M.S. of Forensic Psychology Specialization: Mental Health Applications Graduate Honors Capella University (36 credits) Minneapolis, Minnesota 2002 / 2005 Master of Arts of Clinical Psychology Long Island University (32 credits) Dobbs Ferry, New York Master of Arts Psychology Graduate Honors Mercy College (120 credits) 555 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, New York 10533 6 / 1995 - 8 / 1996 B.A. of Psychology Valedictorian Independent Field Research Project Completed Designer of the Beers Personality Stability Inventory (B.P.S.I.); findings published in School paper 1995 "Winner of the National Social Science Award" Seven Awarded Annually in the United State of America Pi Gamma Mu & Gold PIN Award Winner Valedictorian 2006 President's List Honor Societies State University of New York (89 credits) 75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, New York 10959 1 / 1991 - 5 / 1995 Sciences + Four (4) month Internship at Westchester Behavioral Health Center A.A. Liberal Arts A.S. Sciences PENN Foster School, Scranton, PA 4 / 2009 Certified Paralegal of Wills, Trusts, Probate & Estates Department of State New York, Albany, New York 5 / 2009 New York State Notary Public Commission Expires: 7 / 2013 B.A. of Marketing and Advertising (120 credits) Penn Foster Career School Graduate Honors Scranton, PA I am a renowned writer having been published in the Library of Congress' many journal and encyclopedia publications and well published throughout numerous New York newspapers. Biography and Publishing Success Gary Eugene Beers was born on June 8, 1971 in his hometown of Yonkers, New York. He is 6'5", 210 lbs., with beautiful blue eyes, and is described by the media as Romeo of the North East... Beers is a "world renowned writer" of almost all genres, and was raised and educated in Westchester County, Yonkers, New York. He is a graduate of the State University of New York, and Mercy College (private school), Dobbs Ferry, New York.[2][3][12][25] Currently, Gary is a full-time student at Walden University, an online school where he continues to progress toward his Ph.D. of Forensic Psychology at Walden University, MN.[27] When recently asked through a paper-question and answer interview of what his intentions are in regard to continuing to write, he was quoted as saying 'I have eight books in the making, currently. I intend on writing until the day I cannot use my hands any longer. I have had carpel tunnel syndrome and that's okay with me, with the hope of my having to never again need surgery... [27][34] Career Gary Beers was born to Edward 'Jacky' Beers (1938-2008) and Margaret Louis (Penny) Beers (1944-present. Gary's father was a U.S. Postal Carrier, and, his mother, was a certified nurse's aide.[1][2] Gary is the second of the youngest, where there are seven (7) siblings named 'David, Suzanne, Patricia, Cynthia, Christopher, Loretta (deceased '92), and, Karen, his half-sister.[2]Gary stated of him loving all his brothers, sisters, and Half-sister, Karen. It was reported that Gary's closest sibling is Patricia, or Patty, as is known of Beers to call her. Gary is married to Mrs. Anja Beers with whom Gary Beers has a son named 'Thaddeus.' Anja Beers has three children from her previous marriage: Jemma, Jade, and Julian, all of which Gary Beers has excitingly made a part of his very own family. [25][26][27][28] Beers has two sons from a prior marriage eleven (11) years ago. His sons' names are Gary, Jr. and Shane Michael... {14][16][19][20][23] Beers' writings are marked by intervals he calls the Red Period and the Blue Period... In his book Words Forever, he describes the Red Period as a time of great depression and hardship. This was his early stage of discovery and creative writing. Gary described this timeframe as time where he starved and faced obstacles like homelessness. During this period, Gary walked three miles one way to school every day, most of time having little or no food to eat... The Blue Period had many vicissitudes for Gary Beers. By this second phase of his writing career, it became a time when his writing reached its peak of success; however, these were not easy times for Gary Beers. Though a fledging writer for years, he was not known until he wrote 'The Good, the Sun & the Beauty'--- an article he published in what was formerly called The Herald Statesman, and now is called, The Journal News of Westchester. This newspaper was from his hometown, where Beers quickly realized that his heroic peace poem asking for peace in the world was once proper and a sign he could write professionally. [22][3][24] The newspaper had nearly 200,000 readers, and Gary Beers was hopeful and never gave up that he would someday make it to the literary mainstream with hard work and a profound diligence. Beers has won since then, The Poet's Choice Award and Poet of the Year from the Library of Congress: '92, '93,'94, '95' and '96.[22][23][24][27] Beers' work contributions appear in many of the 'Library's Volumes.' ''Beers quickly became a world success and as confirmed by Esquire; Time et al[30][31][32][33][36], to possess a very unusual aptitude to produce written contributions of any genre for any age to that of educational importance as seen of his biography pieces---to that of historical accounts in his work with excellence. Beers is now well known for his first novel publication (2004) with Publish America, LLLP of Frederick, Maryland U.S.A.: 'Heaven Only Knows---Death of Timeless Innocence. A year later in the fall of 2005, Beers released a second book---Autumn Flights: A Compilation of Free Flow Poetry. Beers daringly offered people through many outlets of the worldwide literary markets the opportunity to write creative and meaningful poetry by his method he calls "Free Flow". His 'free flow method respected. [1] Magazines, articles, and by multiple-financial, contributory assignments, boast Gary Beers to ascertain the Largest Book Deal in United States]' Gary Beers is the creator and writer of PumpKinRoo, a series of 11 books for children. An introduction of PumpKinRoo was released by , 2008. In addition, Beers has written pieces totaling to date forty-four (44) published contributions all said accepted for publication with just the first submission attempt by Beers. He has been described by the virtual media, and of the innumerable "around the world" newspapers, magazines, and of many internet sources as "Romeo of the North East. [1][6][7] In 2009, an article was published mentioning Beers as Romeo and his once fiance Miss Victoria G. Hill as Juliet. He is a renowned poet, playwright, novelist, and children book writer with it being estimated Beers to have 168,000,000 fans of his many works. He had had much success with him circling many best seller lists around the world in which totaled multiple literary markets.[6][7] The first literary piece written of Beers was a poem entitled 'Words Forever', which was poetry, ever written and later published by Gary Beers is 'Words Forever': Words forever speak to me; Words forever fall to me Words forever shall forever be me as I fall in love with you again. Words forever shall forever speak to thy heart as I fall in love with you of these words forever. [4][5][6][11] His literary contributions of 1989-2011 include 'Words Forever (The Book), Heaven Only Knows Death of Timeless Innocence, Autumn Flights: A Compilation of Free Flow Poetry; The Soul of the Sparrow---Volume I, The Soul of the Sparrow---Volume Two, Heaven Only Knows, The Theatrical Play Script Production, Posie d'art de Word pour tous or Word Art Poetry for All; Psycho Circus: Dawn of the Reckoning, Psycho Circus---Volume Two, The Never-Ending Night of Lust, The Book of Songs---Volume I, The Book of Songs---Lyrics for Everyone; Hands Up Poetry Poetic Prose, Cornelius Grande's Journey Into Eternity---Living by the Sword of Time; On My Way Home: A Tell-All Biography of My Dad, Edward Beers, "Pocket: An Introduction to Pumpkin Roo", Pocket: Victoria's Adventure with Pumpkin Roo---Part 1, Pocket: Victoria's Adventure with Pumpkin Roo---Part 2; The Adventures of Pumpkin Roo with Victoria and Her Dear Friends, Pocket: Pumpkin Roo, the Novel---Creation of the Majestic Jewel Kingdom, Adventures of Pumpkin Roo---Part Six in the Series, Pocket: Adventures of Pumpkin Roo---Volume Seven in the Series, Pocket: Adventures of Pumpkin Roo---Number Eight in the Series; Pocket: Adventures of Pumpkin Roo---Volume Nine in the Series; Pocket: Adventures of Pumpkin Roo---Volume Ten---Your Final Adventure in the Series, PumpKinRoo in His Entirety; POETIC STEPS TO HEAVEN; Words Forever; Words Forever II, Words Forever II; Words Forever IV, A Poem of the Jewel: A Poetic Confession of the Heart; She Lives On Love Street: A Diary for Tricia, The Love of My Life, Sonnets of a Meager Forgotten Soul: The Allegory of Conceptual Word Art, and I Love You A Million Times!; The Passing of Time, Heaven Only Knows---The Lost Diaries, HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS: The REALITY of Love, Life, & Death; HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS: A Play in its ORIGINAL Version, Heaven Only Knows: A Manifesto Radio Play Script in Five Acts; Heaven Only Knows: A Play for the Christian Audience, and Words Forever. Recent articles report Beers to be working tirelessly on a series of children books, and an autobiography. [1][3][25][17][19][31] It is believed by worldwide literary sources that to this day that, Gary Beers' business abilities as such were utilized of him incorporating many genres and new characters like seen in his books on "PumpKinRoo", of which provided no pictures or art or black and white images of any sort. It allowed readers ages 3 years to 11 eleven years to imagine what PumpKinRoo and his "Majestic Jeweled Kingdom" strictly meant to the young readers. Hundreds of millions of E-Books have been sold and downloaded. Making further Gary Beers' writing artistry and business savvy a worthwhile enterprise for many publishers of interest! He is said to own, beginning in 1989: Golden Vintage Productions New York. [6][7][8][9][10] Golden Vintage Productions is not spoken of in the media or literary comments as often as should. The company began its' work in 1989 with a start of $50.00 per month. 'Golden Vintage Productions' is an '"Underground production company'" donating monies for catastrophic events, to poor persons, to that of numerous children foundations, and too many research firms seeking cures and treatments for incalculable diseases. The company is estimated to have assets exceeding 1.79 billion dollars. [34][35][37][38][39][40][39] Beers has spent nearly twenty-two (22) years in the nonprofit sector, and nearly the same time-period in the for profit business. The Beers Personality Stability Inventory (B.P.S.I.) was invented and created by Beers during a senior year project of which he won the National Social Science Award and a scholarship to Long Island University where he began his advanced studies of the art of psychology. Beers has more than 200,000 words in his vocabulary. [2][32] An amazing feat he credits to his now deceased best friend, "Tony Carl." He is named Rhode Scholar after a lengthy trip that summed up more than three weeks of Beers who visited Washington, DC on a quest to find more attributable-knowledge of the human personality requested of Mercy College.[1][6]12][16][25] He did succeed in his quest.[34] Beers has published poems and heroic sonnets in his college Newspaper, 'The Viking."[24][25][26][27] He was named managing editor of his college newspaper, and read books and posted reviews as part of his job as editor. He joined a poetry group 'WHOLE" while at State University of New York, where it seemed clear to Beers that the group and English Professor were only interested in stanza-like phrases. Beers wanted to publish and keep known his free-flow-poetry method, as he believed with such a method that any one person could learn and love to write poetry successfully using this method. The first professional publication of his free flow poetry as seen in his first published piece of free-flow poetry was 'Autumn Flights: A Compilation of Free Flow Poetry.' He studied Spanish intensely while in college, and believes that learning Greek and Latin word-compounds aided in enhancing his exceptional vocabulary in English. Gary Beers gives much credit of his writing success to the late "Tony Carl" (Anthony J. Carlucci) actor, producer, director, and former best friend for nearly thirty (30) years, and who was a success as Beers' senior editor.[2][10] Many have said Gary Beers to be a very beautiful person in both persona and physical attraction. With him being 6'5" and having both gorgeous blue eyes and a stunning body---many American and European readers of which many are women stated in 2010 of Gary Beers being 'The Sexiest Man on Earth!" It is said of Beers" works to have sold an aggregate summation of 310,000,000 million copies in book and eBook formats.[8][10][11][12][13][14][15] [16][1][17][18][19] In 2008, Gary Beers set out to break a world record by writing some thirty-two literary pieces in less than ten months, of all genres. However, though he reached and completed the thirty-two multi-genres works, it is said of Beers choosing not to introduce his incredible feat to Guinness World Record Books. If one observes the many, many contributions made to of 2009, all copyrights therein demonstrate Beers' notable act of performance in writing thirty-two works in a matter of less than ten months. This task was completed in July and August of 2009. [13][20][26][27] Personal Life It was discovered of Gary Beers, him having sold to date an estimated 302,900,519 in both copies of book and e-book format, worldwide! Estimated fan count of Beers ranks obviously with this number, as he has been on many worldwide bestseller lists. Gary has a child by the name of Gary, Jr. His 16-year-old son from a prior marriage with his former wife being Kelly Ann McLaughlin, who he divorced some ten years ago, and has since then remarried. Beers and McLaughlin share a son in common named, Shane, who is 12 years old. With that being said, Gary Beers reported of The Daily Mail, a well-known Upstate New York newspaper said of Gary Beers to have a new wife and son. On May 7, 2011, Gary Beers married longtime girlfriend, Anja Nowak of Westerlo, New York. She is thirty-five years old. On May 12, 2011, they had a son, who weighed 6.1 ounces, and the newly wedded couple named him Thaddeus Michael Edward Beers who happens to be, as of the date of this article, 12lbs.14 ounces and is two and half-months old. Thaddeus is described to have the most beautiful blue eyes. [20] Many state of Thaddeus to look exactly like his father, Gary. Gary's wife Anja has three children from her prior marriage named Julian, Jemma, and jade... sources confirm. Gary is described as a wonderful father, as well as stepfather to Anja's three children. He has two sons from a prior marriage and those names are Shane Michael and Gary Beers, Jr. He is currently working on several literary projects at his Upstate New York Estate named El castillo Camden donde mi amor eterno Anja me aguarda." The English translation: 'The Castle of Camden where my Eternal Love Anja awaits me. The estate has been in the process of building the 8,000 sq. ft. Turn-of-the-Century, English and Versalies influenced home; and architecturally designed and implemented for construction by Beers, himself.[21][22] For nearly twenty-two years, Gary has studied from many neo-classical psychologies, and he now also devotes himself to attending school full-time at Walden University---for some twelve (12) years. Gary Beers wishes to earn his Ph.D. of Forensic Psychology with a specialization in mental health applications. He has studied with intensity, the sub-specialties of psychology and forensics in of the past, as he has worked diligently in the human service arena prior to becoming well known globally for his literary works of play scripts, childrens books, and moist famous of all of his 46 pieces published to date: Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence! [1][3][21][22][24][25][26] While in middle school, Gary was elected class president in both seventh and eighth grades. It was also discovered of him to receive in his first year running for Office---93% of the Vote, and of the eighth grade, 91% of the Vote. Beers has many degrees and certificates not known of many but simply of close persons who are known intimately by Beers himself. He has an A.A. in Liberal Arts, A.A.S. in Behavioral Social Sciences, A.A.S. of Science, and B.A. of Psychology from Mercy College New York. [17][19][21] He was the Valedictorian of his class in 1995 where he received top Honors in both Psychology and Academics, and is about to complete his master of science in forensic psychology, which is a five year degree program at Walden University, an Online school. He has been noted to have Straight 'A-s', with him also being also a certified paralegal with expertise in wills, trusts, and estates. He is a New York Notary Public, with him possessing an A.A. S. of Business and Marketing from Pennsylvania State University. [22] [24] [25] [26] [27] To date, Gary Beers has not publish the first book every written of him. The piece is entitled 'Words Forever (The Book),' is a literary contribution which many believe, 'the early stage of Beers' free-flow-poetry in a metaphorical and symbolism inspiring pieces he is waiting to publish come 2013.[27] In 2008, Gary Beers was awarded a "Proclamation" from the City of Yonkers for his multitudinous of writing successes achieved in Beers' lifetime. He lives in north eastern New York with his six children and wife, Anja. [28][29] Gary promised his dad a year before he passed of his intension of writing about his life. So, he did. References 1. :// 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. :// :// 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. !/ :// :// 19. :// 21. 23. 24. :// 26. 27. :// 29. :// 31. Tags: writer, author, Gary Beers, Beers, Beers, Gary, Yonkers, New York and Gary Beers, playwright, novelist, Yonkers, PumpKinRoo; novels, play scripts, American playwrights, American novelists, American children book writers, American poets, American writers, American books and scripts, poetry volumes, song books and children books by Gary Beers. External links 1. :// :// :// 5. 6. :// :// :// :// :// :// :// 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. :// :// :// :// 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. :// :// 30. ://
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Curricular Vitae and Biography with Portfolio Objective: To obtain pertinent work with my utilizing the desired outcomes that can aid my to demonstrate the positive social change that will make a difference in our world. Skills Author, playwright, poet, children's book writer, social scientist, researcher, and educator. I am also the inventor of a psychological personality inventory; The Beers Personality Stability Inventory (B.P.S.I.). Experience Publish America, LLLP, /


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His literary contributions of 1989-2011 include 'Words Forever (The Book), Heaven Only Knows Death of Timeless Innocence, Autumn Flights: A Compilation of Free Flow Poetry; The Soul of the Sparrow---Volume I, The Soul of the Sparrow---Volume Two, Heaven Only Knows, The Theatrical Play Script Production, Posie d'art de Word pour tous or Word Art Poetry for All; Psycho Circus: Dawn of the Reckoning, Psycho Circus---Volume Two, The Never-Ending Night of Lust, The Book of Songs---Volume I, The Book


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