by HyperNerd
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This is a small script I wrote for a personal project of mine. The project is being made in Unity 3D and it is based on an old card game I used to play. The script is still incomplete but the basic functions are there and working. The script is written in C# even though most of my other scripts in the same project are written in Javascript. This script acts as a plugin and can be called from any other script in the project. What this code does is loads cards from a list of names which is used to create a deck, it can also shuffle a deck or randomly reorder any list of game objects, and it can also stack a deck in a provided location.

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If you are looking to create and interactive environment in Unity3D, I'm your man. I have a lot of experience working in Unity and would love to help you create something that fits your customer's, client, or your own needs. It does not matter if your application is for learning or entertainment or personal use, I can deliver a desirable result. I am currently a college student that is studying Computer Engineering Technology to become a software en gineer and have been attending since I graduated high school. I have always been interested in computers and mathemati cs a nd have always quickly excelled at both. In elementary school I quickly learned how to type well, in high school I took classes in web design, graphic design, and CAD and was at the top of each of those classes. In College I have studied several programming languages but I mainly focus on using C#, C++, Java/Javascript, and Visual Basic. I have a lot of experience with different types of software and I am quick to pick up new ones. I'm quick with a keyboard which is my weapon of choice in the battle for success.

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