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by iambree
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About Me

Unconventional is My Middle Name My life since birth has not been a common one and I'm so glad it hasn't been. If it hadn't been unconventional I think I would have been terminally bored. I spent my early years traveling across the United States in a clunky green converted school bus. We covered ground from Florida to Alaska in that rickety death trap. My parents were nomadic and I consider myself to be that way as well. I struck out on my own at fifteen and grew up way to fast. I've spent an evening in jail, been thrust headlong into an occupied coffin, shipwrecked, and developed a new breed of dog. All of the preceding events took place prior to my twenty-fourth birthdate. I am looking forward to the adventures that await me in the years to come. I've Done it All, More or Less I've been a jack of all trades and have worked in numerous fields. I've done so many things. I've worked in healthcare, collected scrap metal, served as a social worker to the homeless, started a grassroots ISP, and except for a brief stint at Taco Bell I was quite successful in all my chosen vocations. I Have the Write Stuff I love writing like I love breathing. I don't think I've ever done anything that I've ever loved more with the exception of being a mother and wife. I love writing so much that I will write about anything. I Can Fake it Til I Make it I used to be engage in lying frequently as a child. I wasn't one of those children who simply invented stories to get out of trouble. I was one of those kids who practiced telling tall tales for the sheer joy of it. I read a lot and knew so many things I could mix kernels of truth in with the most outrageous lies. I loved it when the other kids believed me or when they got so muddled they didn't know what to believe. If I don't know something I know how to find the answer quickly. I'm excellent at researching and fact checking. I'm so glad I can now use my powers for good now!

$25 USD/hr